What do you think happened to elisa lam?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I'm gonna keep my explanation short but do go research it if you want it's a fascinating case elisa lam was a chinese canadian student who's dead body was found in the water tank in the cecil hotel in los angeles nobody for the life of them can figure out how she got into the tank or how she even got to the rooftop which was alarmed and locked and what's weirder is moments before her death there is surveillance video of her acting strange in the elevator she's seen darting in and out and even moving her han

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dietorangesoda says2015-10-09T02:18:25.0041893Z
#hand sorry
dietorangesoda says2015-10-09T02:33:42.5217079Z
Heres a video i found explaining some theories behind her death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIgfrxSdUEE
porcupinesRcool says2015-10-09T04:37:47.0464203Z
Very scary, this story hit home as she was from the same city I currently reside in. RIP
Wylted says2015-10-09T09:05:14.7630243Z
Looks like murder. She appears to be running from somebody and worried about being seen
reece says2015-10-10T00:04:05.8986243Z
I bet the video and her death aren't linked. The women might of had autism.
reece says2015-10-10T00:07:08.0633274Z
Leave a person with autism in a room alone and you'll get actions similar to what you've seen in the video.
porcupinesRcool says2015-10-10T00:13:43.8351618Z
She didnt have autism but she did have other mental problems like bipolar, she had apparently stopped taking her meds, still some of the stories are very creepy. She did write against gov. agency and invisible clothing so some suspect that is why she was killed
briantheliberal says2015-10-10T06:22:22.2349837Z
At first I thought it was a suicide, then I realized that all the evidence points to murder, especially since she was acting very strange in the video, as if she were avoiding someone (or something) threatening.
dietorangesoda says2015-10-10T07:13:25.5143482Z
Honestly to me it looks like a psychotic break we know she was bi polar so she might have been hallucinating those hand movements certainly point to that and somehow ended up in the water tank i don't believe it was murder however i don't believe it was suicide either or i guess maybe mentally ill suicide

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