What do you think of mormonism?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I had 2 mormon missionaries on my doorstep today telling me about the gospel do you think this is appropriate?

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No it is innapropriate

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Yes i think everyone should know about the gospel

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People should know the bible but it's not there place to preach to you

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PetersSmith says2015-06-06T18:15:59.6503625-05:00
I heard you can get them to do yard work for you.
dietorangesoda says2015-06-06T18:31:18.9604412-05:00
Haha really well mine were 2 young girls i doubt they would have gone for it
Stefy says2015-06-06T19:11:54.2968261-05:00
I get Mormons at my door all the time. Just politely decline their offer and tell them to have a nice day. They'll go away there isnt any need to be nasty woth them or anything. I think its a little bit inapproptiote but hinestly at the end of the day its fine they are just trying to do what they think is right and i generally find that they are never overly pushy.
Stefy says2015-06-06T19:13:12.6646495-05:00
Except this one time i was pulling in the driveway while they were at my door and so one stood in front of the car and the other one started knocking on my window and then they read the whole usual script it was kind of funny.
Najs says2015-06-06T20:05:52.3287949-05:00
@Stefy, lol. Sounds kind of like a horror flick.
Najs says2015-06-06T20:10:20.5466814-05:00
When they knock on my door I find it to be annoying. But, they are rather harmless. I usually do not answer the door, but if I do I say no thanks. I wouldn't be nasty to them. A couple of times in the past I let them just talk and accepted their pamphlet they wanted to give me, so that I could learn their beliefs, although I disagree with them.
dietorangesoda says2015-06-06T20:13:12.5132921-05:00
Same here they were very nice and not rude at all but its hard saying no to them
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-06T20:17:19.1715506-05:00
Fortunately, they don't knock on doors here because we live in blocks of flats. Instead, they stop people on the streets to have conversations. A few of my friends and I once made the mistake of interviewing them for the street interview portion of our school project and we regretted it thoroughly.
benhos says2015-06-06T20:19:08.1084455-05:00
I have "No Soliciting" signs on my cars and my door. Works pretty well.
triangle.128k says2015-06-06T21:12:31.0216388-05:00
Isn't mormonism a more extremist form of Christianity like Jehovah Witness?
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-06T21:21:32.6464759-05:00
@triangle: I don't know about extreme, but they're extremely annoying.
TBR says2015-06-06T21:45:36.6209476-05:00
Your options su*c. The Mormons I have known are MUCH less irritating evangelical Christian.
dietorangesoda says2015-06-06T22:05:21.9542171-05:00
Tbr sorry if my options su*c as u say but i cant let ppl add answers or they'll add stupid answers
emporer1 says2015-06-06T22:15:36.8737321-05:00
@dietorangesoda did you ask them to leave. If so then it was highly inappropriate of them to stay. It is rare, but if they were rude about it you may be able to call the church and talk to their mission leader about it. I am a Mormon and I apologize if you were inconvenienced.
dietorangesoda says2015-06-07T00:06:16.8581318-05:00
Oh no no they were very nice no rudeness at all
Varrack says2015-06-07T18:35:09.3103779-05:00
It would only be inappropriate if it were illegal. I don't think that's quite the right word.
kasmic says2015-06-07T18:38:29.1559035-05:00
As a Mormon, I find this poll and the comments amusing.
Varrack says2015-06-07T18:46:57.5801968-05:00
Well they have their opinions too kasmic :p

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