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Its disgusting

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Its normal but i dont do it

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Its normal and I do it all the time

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Its weird

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briantheliberal says2014-05-31T21:52:32.5180634-05:00
There is nothing wrong with not wearing underwear, it's a personal choice.
clgaram720 says2014-06-01T01:47:23.8200684-05:00
Note: I do wear bras. Because they are comfy and they keep my breasts from bouncing around (which for the record hurts like a MFER when you have grown over a B-cup).
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-06-01T16:37:56.3640361-05:00
Well, its sexy. But you should really wear it on a normal day.
clgaram720 says2014-06-02T23:03:37.0421681-05:00
@Comrade, Why? I don't have any dangley parts to keep from bouncing around (except on the upper half, which I already addressed).
clgaram720 says2014-06-02T23:04:04.8044618-05:00
Underwear: Penis stabilizers for men.
clgaram720 says2014-06-02T23:06:01.8404399-05:00
@Joggabii. So it's okay for attractive people to not wear underwear, but if you're packing a few pounds it's not? So I can go commando, but my slightly overweight sister is banned until she grows four inches and leans up?
clgaram720 says2014-06-02T23:09:29.9396618-05:00
@Joggabii: Also, camel toes are not even remotely prevented by underwear. Denim, as on blue jeans, is harder and the tough seam runs right up your crotch. Ergo, soft cotton underwear do exactly notadamthing to prevent a camel toe. Camel toes are caused by wearing clothing too small for one's body or shaped incorrectly for one's body type. It has nothing to do with underwear at all. Feel free to stop by a JC Penney and visit the women's underwear section to confirm that no pair of underwear in there is tougher than denim, more shaping than spandex, or thicker than a pair of dockers.
Kreakin says2014-06-03T16:55:58.5607997-05:00
A freind had a bad day with going commando and wearing zip up trousers. Zip slowly is all I can say if you are doing this. It was just as painful for me to see him stood there motionless as it was for him I think. Then I couldn't stop laughing.

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