What do you think of Physical Punishment/Spanking of Children?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

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  • This is wrong.

  • This is right.

44% 15 votes
56% 19 votes
  • It's my opinion that hitting a child (even only a light spank) causes more harm than help.

  • raising children is about the normalization of actions. if the child normalizes acts of physical violence this will in general result in such actions being taken for a child that deems the actions of another child/person as wrong. It is understandable that a person, which was subject to physical abuse of this sort, to deem it acceptable due to the need to accept the actions of their parents as good, however there is no need, and no reasonable cause for any parent to "correct" their children's behavior by such methods. To do so is to fail as a parent. A child if treated with respect can learn the difference between right and wrong without such violence. I am an example of such a person. I was never grounded and never spanked but I grew up to be a philosopher exemplifying moral excellence both explicitly and in action.

  • Spanking children makes them fear you, resent you, and push down anger that will come out in misbehavior at some point. It is better to teach them by operant conditioning and coping skills. They need to know you, as their parent, no matter how angry love them unconditionally, but expect certain behaviors.

  • Studies have show it to be ineffective and can be damaging to children.

  • Spanking children is wrong, thats all there is to it

  • Parents used to hit kids alot in my day, really did not help. Kids just lied to avoid getting hit.

  • I wasn't just spanked, I was whipped by both of my parents with belts and tree branches, coat hangers, lengths of PVC pipe, dog chains, and whatever happened to be handy at the time when their frustration boiled over. None of this ever made me sorry for whatever minor offense I had committed, and when I got to be too big to spank it was the end of my parents' authority. Grounding is a laugh after you've been physically assaulted. After I backed my dad down at the age of 14 my parents' authority was gone. I did whatever I wanted, and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. Later in life they were sorry, but the damage had been done. There was a distance between us that could never be healed. So be careful about spanking. You may permanently alienate your kids like my parents did.

  • I am for it as long as it doesn't lead to child physical abuse. Spanking your child is one thing, but abusing them is unacceptable. There should be a limit to it.

  • A couple of swats, with an open hand on the backside, won't hurt or kill a child. I grew-up with a few spankings. I certainly don't feel abused, by it. In 4th grade, I was "paddled" for talking in class. I never made that mistake, again. My brood has had a few spankings, too. I don't consider it the "only" source of punishment, but it is an effective option.

  • Without physical punishment there is very little incentive to stop doing something you shouldn't be. Many people complain of negative effects of spanking, but as someone who was spanked as a child I can tell you I am one of the least violent people I know.

  • Spanking has been slowly becoming socially unacceptable and thus when a child does something they are not suppose to the child often believes that they can do it again within getting punished. Yes you can ground them but it does not have the equal psychological effect of defining what is wrong and what is right as does spanking. I should and could say more but I have to leave.

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Jevinigh says2014-04-26T04:23:15.5359760-05:00
I would vote on these more if I wasn't REQUIRED to write an argument. Some times I just don't feel like being in the frey.
Kreakin says2014-04-26T06:51:02.4932690-05:00
@Nick91983 -And an excellent example of modesty too : p

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