What do you think of social-democracy?

Posted by: W1ll1ph0n3

Many european countries made social-democratic reforms in the past decades like providing Universal Healthcare; making primary, secondary and higher education free; building social housing etc. Many view it as a fair compromise between socialism and capitalism.

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I like social-democracy

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No way! American capitalism rules!

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Not sure

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Bullsh*t! I want pure communism

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blackkid says2014-11-06T14:06:44.5531113-06:00
Orange Chicken
inaudita says2014-11-06T14:29:42.0769439-06:00
Fascism is superior.
discomfiting says2014-11-06T14:49:10.5503907-06:00
Inaudita, you can have both..
muricanman says2014-11-06T15:01:09.7877455-06:00
How? Fascism is far-right, while social democracy is centre-left.
discomfiting says2014-11-06T15:15:17.9971429-06:00
You can blend them. There's ways to take elements of one and mix it with the other.
muricanman says2014-11-06T15:16:48.7573611-06:00
Social democracy is the people deciding how their country is run with a bit of liberal influence. Fascism is where the state has all authority and whatever the government says goes, no matter if it's conservative nor liberal.
discomfiting says2014-11-06T15:26:02.1326138-06:00
Social fascism exists..
muricanman says2014-11-06T15:28:28.2100774-06:00
Give me an example.
debate_power says2014-11-06T20:31:53.8058718-06:00
Nazism is one example
debate_power says2014-11-06T20:32:47.8594487-06:00
I don't agree with the swearing, but whatever
Gazzer says2014-11-07T09:40:43.1687022-06:00
I'm British and I like free health care we have here and the benefit system has a few flaws but it could be worse. Not allowing companies to do as they please with the internet, minimum wage, making employers give people holidays and gun regulation are all good things we get from that. To debate power's comment on pure communism that really isn't the case.

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