What do you think of the Devil?

Posted by: HJSDGCE

I've seen a lot of depictions of what the Devil might be. So, I wanted to ask what you guys think of him/her.

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The Devil isn't real.

This is a rare one as it is also the one nobody wants to accept but I decided to add it anyways. Some people believe that the Devil is not real. Simple as that. They do believe God is real but they believe that the only evil there is would be humank... ind and that it was not the work of the Devil. The evils committed are their own fault for being evil at the moment   more
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The Devil is the greatest form of evil.

This would be the original idea or at least the most well known. The Devil being a fallen angel and was sentenced to Hell where he tortures sinners as a way to piss God.
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The Devil is a warden and Hell is the world's greatest prison.

Like said, the Devil might be more like a warden to a prison than the ultimate evil. Hell would be the prison where the sinners are the prisoners and the demons are the guards.
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The Devil is God in disguise.

Now, this isn't a very popular one but I've heard that some people believe that the Devil might actually be God in disguise as a way to teach mankind of the evils found in existence. He created the person of the Devil so that people would despise ev... il and stay away from his teachings   more
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The Devil keeps the evil at bay.

Imagine the world being truly evil and that the Devil's job is to keep the evil from pouring into the world, a bit like Pandora's box. So basically, he's still an angel but works differently.
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The Devil is a business man.

This was posted as a joke but let's see how much actually think so. The idea was that the Devil is a business man. Basically, he makes a profit by making people miserable, dark and evil. He earns from suffering and despair. What does he get? That gu... ess it as good as mine, which is I don't know! Whatever it is, it could be valuable in the world of god(s) and pseudo-gods. Kinda like money is in our own world   more
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shikha_badoga says2015-07-29T17:01:14.1010620Z
None of these 6 options...... Because devil is also part of The God, God created him and God is the destroyer.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-29T17:04:55.8096832Z
Of course i dont believe in anything inherently evil but i always wonder why Christians think he is so bad. I get that he didnt like god making man less powerful then him and then not obeying him, but in reality most kids would do the same to their new brother. The devil killed like 10 people, with gods permission, wile the "all good" god apparently killed millions, if not billions. Really does not seem like the devil is the inherently evil one.
Atheist-Independent says2015-07-29T18:51:37.4395951Z
... What about an option that says I don't believe in god or the devil? I guess I chose the devil isn't real without reading the description, but whatever.
uahshdyy says2015-07-30T06:32:00.6774329Z
The Devil is only figuratively real.
Wylted says2015-07-31T09:14:27.6401666Z
The devil is awesome. I worship that dude.
Trent_Jordan says2015-07-31T14:34:18.2540884Z
I do not believe in God nor the Devil so I dont know which to vote for. But personally(Hear me out first) I dont think the devil is really that bad. He was punished for disobeying and he was punished for questioning god. Because he opposed God, he was labelled evil? Lets say I did believe that what occurs in the bible is read, then surely this makes God more of crazed Tyrant then a loving nurturing man. Who is really in the wrong?

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