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I don't vote on polls that make me watch videos

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Its bad

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Its good

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No one curr

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The same way I did when I made this poll before you because I am awesome

I think it's bad BTW
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Craighawley215 says2014-08-08T12:34:10.6588227-05:00
I saw the movie, and was thoroughly disappointed. It had good intentions, but the plot had holes, and the subplots came of as unrealistic, which gave the whole film a very propaganda-ish tone, and weakened what could have been a substantial philosophical film about spirituality.
dmussi12 says2014-08-08T12:35:54.6321562-05:00
I just read the synopsis, and I can't believe they just made the teacher a closet theist. That's not a great way to depict atheists and it really seems close-minded, like all atheists actually believe, but they all have personal vendettas against a god.
TrustmeImlying says2014-08-08T14:50:59.9928168-05:00
This "movie" reminded me of the old school propaganda videos from the 50's during the Red Scare. It had such painfully 2-dimensional characters like the professor who seemingly had one goal in life - bully believers in God. Why? Because he's an atheist of course! And all atheists utterly hate God and have deep, emotional resentment for him. (If anyone even tried what the professor did in the movie they'd be tossed out of a job so fast) Or the Muslim girl, who's obviously abused by her family (because she's muslim of course) and others died from cancer or whatever because writing movies is hard. They set up all sorts of strawman arguments and position the protagonist as a perfectly innocent guy forced to fight for his beliefs under threats of failure, expulsion, or decapitation (I started making up my own movie by this point, so I forget). I was initally pulled in - interested in finding out why God wasn't dead, and left being more convinced than ever, because if he were alive he surely would have stopped me from seeing this film.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-08-09T21:03:53.8976553-05:00
I already made this poll
BblackkBbirdd says2014-08-09T21:04:38.7788553-05:00
Haha, that was in all caps and they made it lower case, KILLJOYS!

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