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Black-Jesus says2016-02-29T02:10:14.3460024Z
Ha, i get it
Cooldudebro says2016-02-29T03:07:48.7697460Z
@Black-Jesus Ha no XD
Mister_Man says2016-02-29T04:10:01.2141317Z
Inb4 special snowflakes jump in
MechVarg says2016-02-29T06:15:01.7570264Z
Black-Jesus says2016-02-29T21:04:51.4529663Z
I just realized that the poll section may be getting to be a sausage fest.
Anomie22 says2016-03-03T16:29:38.9889855Z
Anomie22 says2016-03-03T16:30:29.8930907Z
triangle.128k says2016-03-04T03:48:08.5386795Z
@MechVarg seriously?
josh_mac101 says2016-07-11T23:56:27.8695873Z
Ummm I sexually identify as cheese check your privilege
farmerjump1 says2016-10-27T17:55:48.3877124Z
I am offended on a personal level for this filth you have posted on the internet. I have PTSD from being oppressed because of my gender. There are not only 2 genders, if you think that there is something wrong with you. Genitals don't determine gender. I am extremely unhappy and quite frankly triggered for this even being posted in the first place.
josh_mac101 says2016-11-03T03:00:14.0562915Z
I sexually identify as an attack helicopter check ur privialge
Dirty-Morgs says2016-11-15T19:54:27.5857105Z
I classify my self as mayonnaise this needs to be reported for being mayonnaiseaphobic how rude u r evil tumblr told me this was fact All men are pigs women and men are equal For those who don't know i am being sarcastic
dogdogdogdog says2018-03-06T20:39:19.4995420Z
Neither im a piece of paper

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