What if you can choose between your own body and direct internet connection to your head

Posted by: Contrast

Future technolgies. Wires connected to nervous system. I can't find a positive pictures : ) But in my opinion it's not as unequical as you will vote after all.

  • Yes. Epic movie's and music's experiences. Easily and intuitive internet surfing. Wathcing real time 3d translations from cameras around the world, even from eagle's wings. Walking in google maps. You still can eat. No more life's worries. Special people will feed you(or provide electricity:) and pay all taxes. You will cost less energy even with pc included. You will be able to get endorphin, adrenaline etc in blood any time you want. Oh, fully VR experiences. You wiil become celebrity(If you want).

  • No. Simple movement simulation. Tactile sensations will be but not the same. Also, you kinda dead for normal life

50% 2 votes
50% 2 votes
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