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Personal Responsibility

Everyone deserves the right to make choices for themselves, good or bad. We should not dictate other's choices for them in the name of safety.
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Safety of the Public

Some choices should not be left to the individual, the public must be protected from harm in the best manner possible. We should be the guardians of our own society.
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Plexon_Warrior says2015-07-28T16:52:38.9851445-05:00
Those are very selective definitions. Personal responsibility is required to have the safety of the public. One must make their own choices and consider how this will affect me and those around me. IF you don't have a sense of personal responsibility then you cannot make a decision that will benefit the public. Its your responsibility to decide if YOU OWNING A GUN is a detriment to society or if it is a benefit. If you believe it will benefit society it is personal responsibility and choice to buy one, however if you believe it is detrimental then it becomes your personal responsibility to decide whether or not to not buy one. The governments job (according to our founding fathers and the Constitution) is not to step in and "protect" its citizens and be a major part of their life (which is socialism), but is to be the peoples voice in their country and in other countries. This is why America is the greatest country on this green earth. It is our ability to govern ourselves, protect one another, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is not our governments job to decide what we can and cannot do, when we were under British rule the king tried that, and We the People of the United States formed a more perfect union... A union where all men are equals... A union where all have a say in our government... A union where we are FREE!
evielovesrocknroll says2015-07-29T12:54:09.5302549Z
Inbetween for me.

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