• Undertale

  • Earthbound

60% 18 votes
40% 12 votes
  • To be honest they are both extremely well thought out games but I got a lot more in love with the undertale cast than I did with the earthbound cast

  • I've played both games (Actually, all earthbound games) and I will say that Undertale's storyline is much more randomized that earthbound. From Undertale's FUN factor to all the hidden secrets in the game, it just makes the game a whole lot better.

  • i pick this side because its smaller but you cant compare them the only thing they have the same is art and few other things but they are both great games sooooooo yeah im half asleep so dont judge me on my writting

  • I'm picking this side only for the community. Undertale and Earthbound are both really good games, but if you look up Undertale, the first page on Google (Images) would make you want to rip your eyes out or something like that. That is, if you're a normal person.

  • Earthbound has the silliness of Undertale, but it's actually an RPG. Bullethell mechanics are fun and all, but it gets a bit gimmicky and boring.

    Posted by: junt
  • The original and with a better story line. Also not filled with fan girls and cringe

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shawnmccaul22 says2017-01-03T01:12:49.0886846Z
Both are good compared to this world's well-known games.
EmmettJohnson1222 says2017-01-31T19:58:56.2614880Z
Earthbound is legendary!
EmmettJohnson1222 says2017-01-31T20:00:15.6810880Z
Ness is awesome in smash!! Melee btw

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