What is better NFL or College Football

Posted by: gators43776

Poll closed on 8/14/2017 at 5:30PM.
  • NFL

  • College Football

58% 11 votes
42% 8 votes
  • I can't really watch college. Too many teams, plus too many upsets and crap. Games are too offenseinly dominated. But I got to say fans are more passionate in college

  • I feel the players are much more passionate in college and willing to leave it all on the field. Plus anything can happen on any given Saturday and comebacks always happen. With the NFL, it's always the same teams, New England, Seattle, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc.

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Michael1Sledge says2017-01-03T16:30:31.3688127Z
Plus bowl games are lame and have no meaning, it's a waste of time really
ChadIrvin says2017-01-11T23:58:38.5954401Z
Pro is better since there's only one Championship game (Super Bowl). College is way too confusing with way too many bowl games.
ASGSoccer says2018-03-02T04:51:46.1066586Z
There's only one championship game in college genius.
ASGSoccer says2018-03-02T04:57:21.6797671Z
College is better with more tradition and way better tailgating (especially in the south), marching bands, actual rivalries from back in the 1800's ( Yale vs Harvard, UGA vs Auburn, Ohio St vs Michigan, UGA vs Florida, LSU vs Bama, etc...), cheers are better and more excitement, SEC and BIG 10 have lots of defensive battles too, NFL is a money seeking leave that repeats itself over and over , there are some dynasty teams in college but always a surprise team too, I like NFL some but college is much better!

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