What is better? Terraria or Minecraft?

Posted by: shawnmccaul22

In this poll, we will decide which game is generally better. I personally like Terraria.

  • Minecraft

  • Terraria

65% 24 votes
35% 13 votes
  • It may not be 3-dimensional, but it is more of a challenge and has a lot more content than Minecraft. The game developers are also more creative. In Minecraft's updates, they just add maybe 1 or 2 more ores and an enemy at the most. With Terraria's update, they added a lot more bosses, more weapons, and more environments than all of Minecraft's updates together. I'm not hating on Minecraft, I just think Terraria is better.

  • Because Terraria isn't crawling with 8 year olds.

  • Terraria doesn't have an awful player base of dabbing 12-year-olds. Terraria has a beautiful art style while having a challenge.

  • Minecraft gets boring, terraria is better and has more stuff, if seen more creativity in one world in terraria than minecraft, plus minecraft is owned by microsoft now

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shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-18T17:24:09.6127798Z
This is starting to become close
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-19T19:28:04.0155372Z
Also MODS do NOT count in a Minecraft is better argument because MODS aren't the actual game of Minecraft
jo154676 says2016-12-19T19:41:04.2233385Z
Actually not true, often mods become part of minecraft, as in the developers put it into the real game if it becomes popular enough and the developers of the game encourage people to make the mods to make the game more fun and creative.
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-19T23:07:45.1640312Z
I will ONLY accept MODS that are in the game then.

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