What is Devil's Tower

Posted by: Edlvsjd


  • The tree stump

  • A lava formation

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
  • Anybody that believes this is molten lava has never seen molten lava

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karlmarx59 says2016-08-26T02:14:21.8460990Z
The only thing worth going to Montana for?
karlmarx59 says2016-08-26T02:14:53.8419041Z
Edlvsjd says2016-08-26T17:28:46.3964222Z
Believing in Satan and not believing in God is idiotic
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-28T09:38:45.2933749Z
Edlvsjd says2016-08-28T16:37:27.7350922Z
Childish, May God have mercy on your soul
Edlvsjd says2016-08-28T16:38:23.2721602Z
Do you have seizures with those fits?
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-28T16:38:57.0100303Z
"Childish"? I am older than you, I am more honest than you; and yet you still call me childish. Disgraceful.
Edlvsjd says2016-08-28T16:48:02.5112992Z
Age doesn't measure maturity, and as far as honesty goes you are merely peddling your Master's brainwash crap, so you can hail Satan all you want
Edlvsjd says2016-08-28T16:49:00.5756158Z
Satan is the deceiver
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-30T07:15:26.9708273Z
I am still more mature than you; I mean, just compare the evidence. It's silly to come to the flat-earth conclusion.
Edlvsjd says2016-08-30T12:46:22.6221063Z
Even though the flatterer is pretty irrelevant to Devil's Tower, I have compared the evidence over and over
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-30T13:18:53.1945422Z
Dr.Maniac says2016-11-21T22:30:56.7408806Z
Great Poll. (With sarcasm).
KthulhuHimself says2016-11-22T15:45:24.0657729Z
Oh, and it's neither. I only voted "lava formation" to be the dedotated troll I am.
Edlvsjd says2016-11-23T14:42:47.6969312Z
What is it then?
Edlvsjd says2016-11-23T15:26:37.1093863Z
Oh all-knowing devil worshipper
KthulhuHimself says2016-11-24T16:15:47.6310603Z
A mesa.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-06T03:18:54.1620575Z
Kthulu, do you know how mesas are formed?

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