• Competitive Dancing

  • Competitive Swimming

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54% 20 votes
  • without a doubt in my opinion. you're not just relying on your own ability to be a dancer but as well as another person's ability because a lot of the time you have duos and groups. takes a lot of timing and coordination.

  • Speaking as a swimmer, I know that competitive dancing is harder because it requires more movements than swimming does. I do get exhausted from swimming but it takes me longer to learn how to dance

    Posted by: JDuB
  • dancing is harder because it is more to memorize and it is more than just speed and it make you strong without showing it off unless you want it to. swimming is hard but you only have to learn 4 strokes.

  • I think dance is hanrder because not only does dancing require lots of strength, it also needs the grace and you also have to make it not look hard. I have done both, but swimming is 4 strokes, while dancing has more creativity and more styles like ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, musical theatre, contemporary, and MANY more. Dancers can turn with their legs, they can kick their legs above their heads, can go on their toes (which includes lots of training) and acrobatics too like back tucks, aerials, and more. It also includes lots of memorization, because most competitive dancers do more than 4 routines and thats like 16 minutes to memorize!! So thats why I think dance is harder

  • more of a sport

  • Swimming is harder because you have to train harder than dancing. Dancing just comes naturally, but swimming you have to actually train for.

  • Swimmers train for upwards of 5 hours a day and dancers well... jump around. sorry but swimming is much harder

  • I have done both in my years and doing one or two dances each a few minutes with breaks in between compared to a non stop 400 freestyle race is harder. I also think the practice for swimming is harder because all we do is dive flips and tons of swimming sets again... NON-STOP! In dance, we stretched and just repededly practiced our dance

  • i do competitive swimming and dancing and i know for a fact that swimmers tolerate way more pain then dancers and hey have to work harder dancing is hard but itis a art

  • bruh, Coming from a swimmer, We train a lot harder than dancers and swimming requires a lot more physical activity and endurance. I don't hate dancing and in not saying it's not hard, But swimming requires a lot more effort and training.

    Posted by: aydooo
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discomfiting says2014-04-26T17:57:55.0829726-05:00
Oh please! Dancing is just as much of a "sport" as competitive swimming
yolomycheez says2019-04-19T15:04:43.5543564Z
I think that both sports are equally as hard. I am a swimmer, And my friend is a dancer, And I find that her schedule is tough, Like mine. I think people should try both sports out, And choose to do whatever is best for them.
mikaelabrowncestero says2019-10-04T18:46:38.9520532Z
Dance is harder than swim because you have to be physically there and emotionally there. In dance you have to be able to portray emotion based on the music and character. In swim you don't have to do that. You also have to be flexible strong and resice in dance while you need different qualities for swimming.

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