What is more belivable?

Posted by: The-Holy-Macrel

Creationism vs. Evolution

Poll closed on 5/1/2015 at 1:01PM.
  • Creationism.

  • Evolution

33% 6 votes
67% 12 votes
  • You said more believable, not easier to believe.

    Posted by: Shield
  • We have evidence in the fossil record, and the fact that our skeletons are similer to other animals which indicates a common ancestor. There is also variation in bacteria which can survive certain antibiotics and will repopulate to create a population of antibiotic-resistant organisms, this is why why constantly have to develop new vaccines and antibiotics as organisms are simly evolving to survive them.

  • It is more believable. There is so much evidence that you have to put your head in the sand to reject evolution.

    Posted by: SNP1
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The-Holy-Macrel says2014-09-30T13:31:02.5980144-05:00
God creating the big bang is easier to belive that it happening by itself. BTW: what would have made matter in the first place?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-09-30T13:31:49.3356144-05:00
Its easier to follow something that is currently being studied and updated then something that hasn't been updated in hundreds of years.
The-Holy-Macrel says2014-09-30T13:33:52.1856144-05:00
That is because it is more logical. Faith by no means is logical.
SNP1 says2014-09-30T14:15:18.1764423-05:00
The-Holy_Macrel: 1) Causes must precede their effects in time. 2) There was no time before the big bang. 3) The big bang was uncaused.
Shield says2014-09-30T14:22:54.8042450-05:00
@komododragon8: antibiotic resistence IS NOT evolution. It is environmental adaption. In other words, it is a change in activation and organization of genes, not a change in genes.
Shield says2014-09-30T14:24:01.8218450-05:00
@holy-macrel: some would say that god creating the big bang was actually quite logical. How is it illogical?
komododragon8 says2014-09-30T21:11:52.7314082-05:00
@Shield: It actuelly is an example of evolution as over time certain bacteria have gained genes which resist antibiotics. As this progresses more of the bacteria with antibiotic resistant genes survive while their less fit counter parts are killed off. Eventually the entire population of bacteria will have that gene and continue to pass it on. Http://www.Windows2universe.Org/cool_stuff/tour_evolution_9.Html
komododragon8 says2014-09-30T21:12:39.9006109-05:00
Shield says2014-09-30T22:04:57.7679824-05:00
"eventually." Yes, eventually bacteria will evolve to be resistant. But currently they have just adapted their genes in order to be resistant. By the way, your link doesnt work
komododragon8 says2014-09-30T22:08:14.3345616-05:00
Hmm its stange that the link doesnt work but im sure you can find it if you just look up evolution and antibiotic resistant bacteria. They have some interesting examples of certain bacteria that are adapting to survive penicillin and as a result its becoming less effective.
Shield says2014-09-30T22:09:03.3597149-05:00
"adapting." for the record, i believe in evolution :P
komododragon8 says2014-09-30T22:15:03.4251003-05:00
Why did you qoute "adapting", is it to continue the debate?
Shield says2014-09-30T22:16:54.0135003-05:00
No it was because by saying that you conceded to what I was arguing.
komododragon8 says2014-09-30T22:33:22.8992117-05:00
They are also evolving as both adaptation and evolution go hand in hand. I am refering to the decest with modification model of evolution in which the population of bacteria will change to become resistant to antibiotics over time. The bacteria are evolving through adaptation and mutation.
Shield says2014-09-30T22:34:53.8310288-05:00
Indeed. I think we are in agreement.
The-Holy-Macrel says2014-10-01T06:26:09.5256819-05:00
SNP1 i do not have my head in the sand i just am faithful in my faith. If that is what you are referring to though then you should say i am stubborn.
JohnPaulVillamor says2014-10-01T16:43:23.7882714-05:00
Evolutionary creation.
Shield says2014-10-01T16:52:51.9253699-05:00
Head-in-sand means stubborn, not that im saying you are, just that they mean the same thing lol
The-Holy-Macrel says2014-10-01T20:21:47.7285308-05:00
I stubborn but head-in-sand is more insulting.
Shield says2014-10-01T21:10:40.2775708-05:00
Its just an allusion to an ostrich lol
mr_ballistic_22 says2014-10-02T12:14:36.5286860-05:00
But if God created the Big Bang (which would support the Evolutionist theory) where did God him/her self come from?That's the biggest problem with the Creationist theory. I'm not saying I'm supportive of either theory as i wish to remain neutral in this.
Shield says2014-10-15T14:04:17.3436423-05:00
Be it a multiverse of divine entity, both would have always existed in the absence of our time, nonetheless present
Shield says2014-10-15T14:04:34.3632423-05:00
Multiverse or divine entity*
Jonas_Priebe says2017-04-08T03:16:41.2731575Z
Mr.Ballistic that is the amazing about God, he was never born that is the awe-factor of our Lord that fact just there shows the glory and the almighty power of our Heavenly Father!
Jonas_Priebe says2017-04-08T03:18:04.2807575Z
And, if evolution was true then wouldn't trees and plant and animals of sort be evolving today?

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