What is more interesting than space?

Posted by: madness

Is there anything, that's serious and more interesting? (add pictures to your answers)

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Nothing is more interesting than space

10 votes

Ocean exploration

6 votes


5 votes
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Advanced technology

4 votes

The natural world

2 votes


2 votes
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The vast emptiness in the inner and outer space

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1 vote

Nazi Germany

1 vote


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madness says2017-01-27T13:38:33.3054979Z
Nazi Germany would be under history. You shouldn't be called "BlargArgNarg" You should be called "DerpDerDerp" for being such a spack.
The_Beyonder says2017-01-27T13:43:15.1038979Z
I find History very interesting as well. Especially from the civil war period to the cold war period.
madness says2017-01-27T13:45:42.6174979Z
Two of you voted for ocean exploration. Why would that be more interesting than space? Discovering alien life on another planet would be way more amazing than finding a new species of crab on our own....Right?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-27T13:53:50.0862979Z
DerpDerDerp? That's brilliant.
The_Beyonder says2017-01-27T13:57:06.8022979Z
There could be a chance that there's prehistoric life or fossils down there. We've only mapped 0.05 percent of the ocean floor.
reece says2017-01-27T14:03:53.7126979Z
I've put God as an option so Christians will be compelled to vote for it. Am I evil?
madness says2017-01-27T14:09:42.4662979Z
The Universe is said to be 12 billion light years in diameter.(1 light year= 9439922663424 km) 9439922663424 km x 12000000000 = .......My calculator broke at this point. But in comparison we went to the moon at 340,000 km away =D !
madness says2017-01-27T14:13:59.8662979Z
ALL THESE BRILLIANT OPTIONS AND SOMEONE VOTES GOD. Lmfao religion is here just to shit all over the place and deface everything.
The_Beyonder says2017-01-27T14:24:48.0703918Z
People seem to underestimate how deep the ocean really is. The deepest point in the ocean is the challenger deep. If we brought the base of mount Everest to the surface of the water above the challenger deep and flipped it, it wouldn't even be close to the ocean floor. The ocean is 36,200 ft deep. Mount Everest is 29,029 feet elevated.
Mharman says2017-01-27T14:26:35.5926979Z
Religion is not here to crap everywhere. That is not the purpose of a religion and it never will be. I personally find religion to be the most interesting thing. Is this not an opinionated poll? Who in their right mind would create a poll, and then make fun of a person for casting their vote, which is their personal opinion? It's a real shame that you simply write God off as a fairy tale. You accuse Christianity of crapping all over the place- yet you, an atheist- are doing it by spewing insults.
Mharman says2017-01-27T14:27:59.5362979Z
@reece No, I would've added and voted for it anyways.
madness says2017-01-27T14:36:36.3486979Z
You must understand that you and I are from completely different walks of life. In my culture we challenge ideas, and ideas with little to no evidence are questioned. It's up to you to reason with us and give us an insight as to why you chose God over all of these other options, or else your claim will be mocked and is the reason religion is mocked today. I'm curious as to why people have picked "ocean exploration" I'm also curious as to why you have chosen "God." If you feel offended then you should try and argue why God is more interesting than space, and why I am stupid to believe space is more interesting that God.
Mharman says2017-01-27T14:39:26.7786979Z
"In my culture we challenge ideas." Are you saying that Christians don't challenge ideas? Are you say we are brainwashed followers?
Mharman says2017-01-27T14:43:47.7354979Z
Here's my argument, as copy and pasted from a previous post of mine on the subject. Zero percent chance. You see let's go back to about "13 billion" years ago. Scientists claim that a huge explosion happened, and it created the universe. Ignoring the fact that explosions destroy, not create, there is another huge hole. Where did this explosion come from? Scientists claim lightning hit a pool of chemicals. Where did the pool of chemicals come from? Where did the lightning come from? Scientists claim that a single nonorganic molecule evolved into the pool of lightning. Where did that molecule come from? Scientists claim that it popped out of nowhere. For evolution to work, there would have to be a single particle appear out of 100% nothing. However, there is a 0% chance that a particle can happen out of nowhere.
madness says2017-01-27T14:50:12.0258979Z
Yeah, you're right.....So how did God happen out of nowhere? Scientist don't claim anything about the "Big Bang" to be fact. It's all just a "strong possibility" the ideas evolve as new information is discovered, but rarely do these scientific theories fall flat on their faces. Religion claims to know everything! Religion will stubbornly defend and bend their ideas to fit around their holy books.
madness says2017-01-27T14:58:50.8974979Z
So now I ask you. How can reading a book with 1200 words, be more interesting than.... -The infinitly vast reaches and mysteries of space. -The unexplored and terrifying depth of the oceans. -The natural wonders and amazing bio-diversity of the animal kingdom. -The factual happenings of humanities past wars, cultures and empires. How is your book containing 1200 pages, in any way able to content in interest with these amazing things, I just don't understand and I can not understand. It simply amazes me which Is why I have to be very forward and blunt when I talk about religion. If I offend you, too bad. We deserve answers. Not Bull S***.
jcd1158 says2017-01-30T09:39:51.4069752Z
I love how @madness totally pokes religion full of holes and the other guy just doesn't respond. Typical religious debate <3
TheAlphaThinker says2017-02-22T23:04:00.3885882Z
I picked the first, but in fact, we can't choose what is more interesting of all the things that are presented in the poll. I consider particularly that all of this are interesting.
madness says2017-03-24T15:46:15.0956560Z
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