166 Total Votes

No gun control

Absolutely no gun control.
80 votes

I vote for Tougher background checks because im not a gun waving moron

41 votes

Increased Firearm Education and Awareness

Combat the abuse of firearms and the cultural stigma that guns are either "cool toys" and/or "evil killing machines". Fighting guns isn't the answer; fighting ignorance is.
11 votes

Same gun control, just more enforcement

Enforce the gun control we already have, but we shouldn't create new gun control bills.
11 votes

Create a national registry

Create a registry of all gun owners and people who cannot own guns.
10 votes

No guns at all

Outlaw gun ownership across the board
10 votes

NRA has you believing guns are for protection and hunting however, the make their living on the investments of manufaturing guns and the cost of your membership. You are their best advertising tools!

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Craighawley215 says2014-05-20T08:02:21.4129213-05:00
Ideally, I would say that the federal government has a responsibility to crack down with the existing thousands of gun laws that they already have on the books. If they can't enforce those, then it's pretty naive for anyone to say or think that the government can add additional restraints. Until you can be certain that there are no loopholes and no illegally owned and carried guns, you have no room to change gun policy. However, legal gun owners also have a responsibility to take as many classes, and get as much range time in, and do this as often as possible. If you are going to be a legal gun owner: know your rights, know your wrongs, know how to handle yourself properly, know how to handle the law properly, and above all else, JUST BE RESPONSIBLE.
Dilara says2014-09-03T20:47:48.3233801-05:00
Universal background checks and more awareness and education on gun safety.
bgamer1998 says2014-09-12T23:48:19.8639944-05:00
The criminals get their firearms one way or another...... DISARMING CITIZENS DOES NOTHING MORE THAN PROVIDING JOB SECURITY FOR CRIMINALS!!!
Dilara says2014-09-13T11:30:36.4414253-05:00
Bgammer1998. Exactly what people who want to ban guns don't get. Criminals will get them anyway like they do with drugs and when they use them against is well be defenseless because the super left will have disarmed us. Even with out a gun a criminal can rob or rape a person much weaker than them.
lipps says2014-10-03T10:05:25.4038217-05:00
I favor less regulation. That said, there seems little room for compromise on either side of this issue. Perhaps it could be possible to satisfy both sides if we focused on owning and bearing arms as a constitutional right like any other constitutional right. The Left, as I understand it, claims they want universal background checks on all gun sales, public and private. The Right claims we already have background checks at the retail point of sale and that background checks on private sales cause an undue burden on lawful transfers between family, friends, and other relations. Further the Right claims there are already federal laws prohibiting certain persons from possessing or attempting to possess firearms and that these laws are easily, but seldom enforced. Last, there are privacy concerns that universal background checks require a gun registry to be maintained by the state. Now set that aside for a moment. Currently every state issues drivers licenses and identification cards. In my state the state police do a routine warrant search/background check when I appear to have my license photo and finger print taken for my drivers license. I believe it would be possible to have every state check drivers license/i.D. Applicants against the NICS database (the current FBI database used for retail gun sales). Every person receiving a state issued i.D. Card or drivers license would be checked against this database. Every person would have an endorsement clearly visible on his or her drivers license indicating the passing or failing of the background check. The background check would be conducted at renewal, change of address, or change of name. License would be surrendered upon conviction of any serious crime warranting a change in status. The drivers license can now be used to purchase a firearm from a retail store or even a private transfer. No gun registry is needed and background checks are universal. No undue burden is applied to lawful private transfers. All citizens are treated the same whether they choose to exercise their right to purchase a gun or not.
thevulture says2014-10-09T11:49:10.1397192-05:00
I just have to say that Obama is a dumbass trying to take our lively hoods away!!!!! Go to HELL OBAMA!!!!!!!!
tuffpuff99 says2014-11-10T12:54:34.0005763-06:00
@thevulture how many times did you slap your knee while typing out your "argument"
DSturridge says2015-07-14T01:36:56.7824583-05:00
Yeah but people, guns cost a lot more on the black market once they are illegal. This means it costs criminals more to buy them and also that little socially challenged, psychotic, damaged jimmy can't massacre a bunch of people as easily.
Conservative_American says2016-06-27T21:38:15.9418939Z
I believe it is our constitutional right to own a gun
kiwibird says2016-11-01T21:52:54.0389251Z
Since major gun law reforms were introduced in Australia, mass shootings have not only stopped, but there has also been an accelerating reduction in rates of firearm-related homicide and suicides, a landmark study has found. It has been two decades since rapid-fire long guns were banned in Australia, including those already in private ownership, and 19 years since the mandatory buyback of prohibited firearms by government at market price was introduced. A handgun buyback program was later introduced, in 2003.

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