What is the best Pokemon Starter of Generation one?

Posted by: Saundale

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Mikal says2014-05-11T14:04:07.3272197-05:00
Hands down squirtle
numberwang says2014-05-11T14:22:59.7312197-05:00
There was a study done that actually proved Squirtle is the best starter. Choose Squirtle for science! Http://blogs.Scientificamerican.Com/but-not-simpler/2013/10/22/squirtle-i-should-choose-you-settling-a-great-pokemon-debate-with-science/
Mikal says2014-05-11T14:29:44.1066370-05:00
Ill debate anyone about squirtle being the best
Lordgrae says2014-05-11T14:33:06.3138370-05:00
I'm not so sure about Squirtle. Not because Squirtle is necessarily the worst, but simply that Bulbasaur or even Charmander are better choices, simply because you could get Poliwrath or Garydos. I will admit that Blastoise makes a good HM slave.
Lordgrae says2014-05-11T14:34:41.0604197-05:00
I mean, charmander is good just because the only other good fire pokemon (arcanine) in gen. 1 is so difficult to get. Bulbasaur has by far the best move-set of them all.
Lordgrae says2014-05-11T14:36:20.1907479-05:00
Squirtle is however, better for the early Gym battles. If you really care enough, once you assemble your full team, Venasaur is more helpful then Blastoise.
Saundale says2014-05-11T14:36:55.1424197-05:00
I agree with Lordgrae, there are plenty of other good Water Pokemon out there, but not as many Grass or Fire pokemon
numberwang says2014-05-11T14:48:24.0793601-05:00
Rarity doesnt make a difference. Squirtle has the best defense overall against the gym leaders and elite 4 and the most offensive advantages. Charmander may be cool but he is the weakest, he has the worst defense and his attacks faces the most offensive disadvantages. Also Squirtle is more versatile than the other two in terms of learning moves. He's the tankiest and best on offense even if hes not unique. Bulbasaur is best against early gyms, Squirtle is okay against them but he is better later on and overall.
Fanath says2014-05-11T14:48:55.8000197-05:00
Charizard has the best stats of all.
numberwang says2014-05-11T14:52:51.5784197-05:00
Sure he does, because he is the weakest against the most gyms; if he had weaker stats he would be difficult to win with. Id take a Blastoise over a Charizard any day.
Fanath says2014-05-11T15:04:23.8400832-05:00
At the beginning of the game, Charmander is very useful. Mowing down all of the bug pokemon with his 2-3 of his embers, then either capturing them or taking the Exp.
Mikal says2014-05-11T15:23:19.2120197-05:00
Someone debate me. Squirtle is the best starter out of Gen 1. Ill take pro
Fanath says2014-05-11T15:53:18.1104197-05:00
It's easily Charmander, then Squirtle, then Bulbasaur. Charivari may not have the best stats in the entire game but he's the best choice as a starter Pokemon.
Fanath says2014-05-11T15:53:32.3376197-05:00
numberwang says2014-05-11T16:12:03.2171604-05:00
Fanath read the link I posted. Charmander and his evolutions are the weakest against the greatest number of gyms and elite 4 members. Squirtle is the strongest against the most. If the objective of the game is to beat the elite 4 (with a secondary objective being catching all of the pokemon) Squirtle is objectively and statistically the best choice.
Fanath says2014-05-11T16:33:24.6654835-05:00
Charizard is the strongest starter stat wise. [1] In regards to the gym leaders, char,Andre still wins. His high attack makes it easy to catch pokemon earlier on in the game, especially bug pokemon, which you can use later. We should remember that it isn't as if your starter is the only pokemon you'll use at the gym. Charmander can also easily gain exp by mowing down his opponents with his high attack stat. He becomes strong fast, and captures pokemon (That you'll use in the gyms) fast. [1] http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/stat/all.shtml
Lordgrae says2014-05-11T16:37:15.8988197-05:00
"Rarity doesnt make a difference. " I'm sorry, but rarity DOES make a difference. You think most people are willing to spend a long time to find a growlithe, if one is even available in the game? Not to mention they have to have a fire stone. And the commonness of Poliwag and Magikarp simply makes Squirtle replaceable.
numberwang says2014-05-11T19:04:35.7549762-05:00
Squirtle may be replaceable but Squirtle is still better than Charmander. The fact that Fire types are rare doesnt mean that Charmander is any stronger vs gym leaders, he still has some major weaknesses. And Fantah your point proves mine, you wont use your starter exclusively, but the point is that you could with Squirtle pretty easily and you couldnt with Charmander without a big struggle. Also, Squirtle and Bulbasaur can capture pokemon as easily as Charmander (Bulbasaur perhaps the easiest with sleep powder) and their tankiness makes up for their slightly lower attack. Any pokemon can grind exp as quickly as any other, and killing wilds in one hit vs two hits doesnt make Charmander much better than Bulbasaur or Squirtle or any better at all since they can still grind just as easily.
numberwang says2014-05-11T19:04:57.8757762-05:00
Challenge me to a debate, please.
Fanath says2014-05-11T19:52:41.0587455-05:00
No they can't. It's literally a fact that Charizard and his previous evolutions have the highest attack stat and the highest speed of the First gen starters, meaning he can hit harder and hit first. Taking in less damage doesn't matter if a Pokemon just knocks out the other pokemon before they can move. (Literally) My point in no way proves yours- Capturing pokemon is the goal. Not just using the freebie...
Fanath says2014-05-11T20:00:41.2249127-05:00
When I was playing my problem was running out of the times I could use my moves, not health.
Lordgrae says2014-05-11T20:24:03.6705917-05:00
That really shouldn't happen. If you develop your team of 6 well, you should always be switching them out to give yourself the greatest type and stat advantages over your opponent. Remember, one strong pokemon does not a well-balanced team make. It is important to balance element types and battle types. (sweeper, fast striker, tank, status/healer, power, HM slave, etc.) No matter how strong Charizard is, a well balanced team can take it down. And besides, Bulbasaur might not be incredibly fast, but using sleep powder, leech seed and poisonpowder can allow it to take down a pokemon much stronger then itself. Equiped with an item that prevents a 1 turn kill, it is a valuable asset on any team. I will admit that Charmander would be my second choice, as Squirtle is replaceable by Garydos or Poliwrath. I will admit that all 3 are good choices, but in general, Bulbasaur makes a better addition to the team. Lordgrae's pokemon dream team: Gardevoir (healer + sp. Attacker with decent health and def. Stats. Can learn electric type moves as well) Hydreigon (fast striker, good type combo. Completely makes Charizard unnecessary) Krookodile (amazing sweeper. Almost as good as Swampert. Is amazing with Dig and Earthquake) Venosaur (status afflicter + tank) Chancey, or whatever its new evolution is (tank. Heals self. Amazing def. Stats)\ Poliwrath (power pokemon. Wish it had higher def and health stats. Otherwise, obligatory water pokemon) If allowed a second starter, replace last pokemon with Swampert Extra pokemon to rotate through... Garydos, Blaziken, Metagross. Any other good backups to have (in case I know what my opponants pokemon are and I want to make a team more specified and less general)
Fanath says2014-05-11T21:20:04.3510227-05:00
I tried posting my dream team 5 times but it keeps submitting my comment to moderation... Ugh lol
Lordgrae says2014-05-13T18:56:19.2953777-05:00
Just saying, I am a big fan of Darkmatter2525. Also, did you put Licky-Iicky in your dream team? Because if so, I think I know the problem
Fanath says2014-05-13T19:01:12.9029777-05:00
No lol. I tried to post my Fire Red team and it wouldn't let me.
Fanath says2014-05-13T19:04:59.4929777-05:00
Let me try again: Golem, Garidos, Charizard, Dragonite, Gengar, and Alakazam were on my team. The last four are my favorite Pokemon, though some of them have weak stats.
Lordgrae says2014-05-13T19:17:38.9293994-05:00
Don't you have to trade to get Alakazam, Gengar and Golem? That's why I love hack games. They make edits so that you can level them up or use stones to evolve.
Fanath says2014-05-13T19:21:58.2426753-05:00
My friends in my neighborhood loved Pokemon.
Fanath says2014-05-13T19:22:12.5012581-05:00
We traded all the time
Lordgrae says2014-05-13T21:10:55.2749777-05:00
That's cool, My entire neighborhood ditched that for smartphones a while ago (bunch of rich kids). Now we got emulators.

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