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Chamomile and tea

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fluffybunnypuff says2013-09-26T06:35:10.4331740-05:00
Make your enviornment and home as comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. Make sure temp is always comfortable, air is always fresh and clean(open windows turn on fan, get large house plant per room, or air purifier). Always eat healthy good tasteing food(6-8times/day, 2-3hrs apart). Drink lots of water 5+gallons/day. Dont smoke or do rec drugs. Clean your mouth each time after you eat. And clean your mouth before breakfast. Socalize, have at least 1 good friend, get some bunnys and cats for pets, look at pics or videos u like, go out in nature look at it, listen to music u like. Move to a quite area in the country surrounded by trees. Have something fun to wake up for. Scedule: 6 or 7am: eat a healthy delicious breakfast so your full. Wait a while if you need. Do fun exercise(like dance)for 1+hour. Shower. Do fun stuff. 5:30pm clean house, do laundry so you'll have fresh clean warm bedding. 6 shower if u want. 6:30eat health delicious, then eat a delicious sweet desert. Dont eat past 7pm. Turn on humidifier if its dry. Make sure dishes are washed before 8pm. Dont exercise or speak often after 8pm. Put notebook, pencile, flashlight, and water by bed. Spray a nice scent on bed. Put water in eyes and petrollum jelly on eyes, chapstick, and hand mosturizer. Turn off electrionics. Get nude and comfortable. Take deep breaths. Plan to do something fun tomarro. Think about nice things. Think of things that make u laugh and smile. 8:50 go to bathroom. 8:55 drink water. Think about good things that makes you feel good, happy, and safe play music in your imadgination imadgine your fantasy land think about or make up something funny to make you laugh and smile think about your future plans or how you want the world to be think about how you would re-organize and fix the world. Think about how to make new technology in your imadgination, replay, reherse, and revise your political and informative scripts for what you are planning to say or do in the real future, or only in imadginary land. Think about what would be the easiest, least energy-intensive, least-risky, fastest, cheapest way to acheive your goals and for everyone to live a comfortable, peaceful, safe, enjoyable life. Take deep breaths 9:50pm go to the bathroom 9:55pm drink water 10:00pm sleep

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