What is the best way to prevent another Newtown?

Posted by: Cowboy0108

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Arm the schools

14 votes

Tougher gun control

5 votes
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Fund mental health institutions and redo the NICS

3 votes
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Classroom door barricade device

It is sad. Lets pay special attention to our kids, watch for alienation, bullying, low self esteem, and lets intervene more than we do. Second, lets lock up parents who's children go off the wall because of bad parenting. Lets prepare our school... s with better security, not just a buzzer at the front door. Lets get a classroom door barricade in every room, a school resource officer in every hallway, better teacher / frontline communications about high risk students, with emotional issues , and make a change for that student. No guns for teachers, it's stupid. Give them a lockdown device classroom door barricade   more
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Take away guns

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