What is the best way to prevent teen pregnancies?

Posted by: Mikal

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Educate them about sex and have condoms available if they need them, because there is no way to stop them from having sex.

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Advocate and enforce that they should not have sex until they are ready and or married.

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Try to prevent them from having sex and punish them if you find out they are trying.

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mrsatan says2013-09-05T15:54:42.4794652-05:00
Lol, seems I wasn't paying enough attention and selected the wrong one...
mrsatan says2013-09-05T15:55:51.4486382-05:00
Oh, nvm, didn't know the choices order themselves by number of votes
Mikal says2013-09-06T15:41:38.1568413-05:00
I agree with the fact that if you ignore it, it will not go away

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