What is the coolest super power to have?

Posted by: Lewimcdoodle

If you could have any super power, what would be coolest and why?

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Freeze time

68 votes


18 votes

Invincibility (never die)

14 votes


13 votes

Super accuracy

10 votes
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Super speed

9 votes
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Longline says2013-09-17T03:38:35.2023760-05:00
Their is one that defeat them all, the power to control time, time is everything,control time and you control every life.
Debatekid says2013-12-25T18:55:46.1057132-06:00
Being the Avatar
Lewimcdoodle says2014-04-01T02:33:22.0368878-05:00
One thing I would like to point out for invincibility is the disadvantages. Sure you'd never die but at the same time everyone around you would, your family, friends, other loved ones and you would never be able to fall in love or anything. At the same time if you decide it is your time and you have seen too much there is no way to reverse it. This would have major setbacks so I would suggest to reconsider options.
Loveshismom says2014-06-27T16:36:02.7116560-05:00
Your mom is a good superpower
Zyean says2014-09-18T18:43:54.7686252-05:00
abyteofbrain says2014-09-18T19:19:03.1274578-05:00
Freezing time would only be the best if you could do it selectively. For example, I f you freeze all time, everyone and everything would be an eternal decoration. If you could allow yourself to escape the frozen time, that wouldn't be enough, because the air must be movable for you to do anything. If you could exempt the air and yourself, that would be the equivalent of invisibility and super speed. If you could Control time flawlessly, you could do nearly anything without being observed.
tanwl says2015-04-19T05:08:33.0470690-05:00
Super speed cuz if u move fast enough you are invisible and can fly.
SeerFang30077 says2016-01-07T17:52:32.0558117Z
Molecular Kenesis
Rawrrr says2016-02-26T17:07:46.7833537Z
Distant Molecular Kinesis, you could have super accuracy using it. As well as controlling your own atoms to "levitate" above the ground.
Ultraman427 says2018-10-08T20:40:52.7429224Z
Nobody has ever been able to fly like a bird!

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