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Defeated and annexed by Iraq and Syria

10 votes

Absolute Victory, grand goal accomplished

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Victory over Iraq and Syria, but nothing more

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Subutai says2014-11-19T19:58:57.6900180-06:00
Lol at the vote for absolute victory. Be realistic.
General-Z says2014-11-19T20:05:06.4380904-06:00
Lol They can't even beat Syria. How can they beat Russia, China, India, Israel, Egypt, Morroco, or the EU?
dbushwacker says2014-11-20T13:11:49.6226459-06:00
In the end, they will either die or join another organization. They can't garner enough support from any modern state and very few take religion seriously anymore (to the effect of fighting for ones religion that is ). The only people they can get to fight are idiotic psychopaths with nothing better to do than stare at the sand. So what do they do, they call jihad and go off to war to loot and abuse all they want for a little more entertainment in their lives until they begin to lose and they try to surrender. If they survive, they'll wait a few years, join the next organization and do the same thing over and over again. That is the fate of ISIS, a region divided by hatred and stupidity that never got out of rut (rut is a word by the way).
debate_power says2014-11-21T15:22:03.6266352-06:00
They'll kill themselves because the rhymes are too much for them

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