What is the game called? Soccer or Football

People in European countries call it Football whilst American countries call it Soccer. Me personally call it soccer because here in Australia, our football is AFL (Australian Foobtball League)

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Vaarka says2017-05-26T13:50:23.1159026Z
thedebaterchick says2017-05-26T21:51:14.9183980Z
Both are correct. Different countires with different languages call the sport different things. It's no different from an American calling it a toilet vs a Brit calling it the john. The meaning of the word is the same.
PowerPikachu21 says2017-05-27T16:40:48.2206037Z
@Ghret "Both are not correct"?
GeorgeSanderson says2017-05-27T19:36:55.3174037Z
Why can't everyone just call it soccer? Football is already another thing.
TheDebatingKnight says2017-06-08T11:58:46.9849864Z
@GeorgeSanderson Football (or soccer) was invented several centuries before American football. So really, you should be saying: why can't everyone call it football?
DonutKingdom says2017-06-09T10:53:01.2627486Z
They are both correct terms, it just depends on where you are from. It is similar to how Australians say 'Jumper' and the British and Americans say 'Sweater'
SoccerTF says2017-06-13T22:24:32.0332076Z
Whatever you want it's not a big deal. Some people call it soccer, some call it football. How about everyone just enjoys the wonderful sport instead of wasting time on this argument.
ben85 says2017-06-24T19:52:10.4950344Z
You use your feet so its football.

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