What is the most effective policy regarding illegal immigration within the United States?

Posted by: OneNationUnderGod

What should be done about the illegal immigration problem from Mexico into the U.S.?

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Deportation regardless of circumstances

And offer the option for those being deported to take their American born children with them or leave them here as a ward of the state since they are American citizens.
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Military Service Requirement

Four years, if they wish to become citizens by staying here. That may make it up to us, and if someone is willing to die for their freedom here, then they do after all deserve citizenship. Otherwise, they need to go back to their own country and app... ly for legal entry like the rest of the world has to   more
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Keep the Status Quo.

Reward illegal immigrants from our Southern border with jobs, free medical care, voting rights, and eventual citizenship after they have been here so long, and given birth to their children here that we just don't know what else to do with them.
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Build an inpenetrable wall

It would cost a lot but maybe this is the only way to make a change.
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OneNationUnderGod says2015-10-16T17:00:30.3242865Z
The option of "other" and for comments up to 900 words in length each is wide open. Nobody's arm is twisted to go with only the ideas presented.
TBR says2015-10-16T17:03:25.3596525Z
Not the worst case, just saying...
Black-Jesus says2015-10-17T16:39:09.6911427Z
"Inpenetrable wall"? Why is it I keep hearing republicans, especially Trump-supporters, saying this will work? Not only can you go around the damn wall, but they can also go under? Drug cartels have drug tunnels dug out to carry drugs between Mexico and America, and you can bet your a** that they will let Mexican civilians go through for a fee and for "a favor". And because I'm sure that some civilians will be desperate enough to take that opportunity and because I know what "a favor" means to cartel gangsters, we will actually be making the problem worse, because now even the regular Mexican civilians that get into the country will be raising hell on behalf of the Mexican cartel's under threat of death. And then there is the question of "where is this money coming from?". Mexico? Ha: okay, good luck with that one. The US tax payers? Probably.
TBR says2015-10-17T18:58:56.9499826Z
@Black-Jesus - There is a book about this I will look up. The woman, herd her in an interview, who was making a very convincing argument for why physical walls do the opposite of what you want. Workers that come in have to "pay" to get in, and are much LESS likely to go back - that is if they were even allowed back since they are indentured to pay the transport to start with. She also makes the point that the wall changes attitudes around the people crossing. So, they are... MORE likely to behave as criminals after passing a wall rather than just migrating. Regardless if she is right or wrong, its worth considering what the unintended consequences really are.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-10-18T07:07:25.0390125Z
Military Service Requirement.....Let's have fun with that one: Recruit them into the military, minimum of 10 years service, then station them in Mexico...Off base LOL.
TBR says2015-10-19T15:15:30.2395330Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont - The problem I see with that is... Conscription military comes very close to... Dare I say... Slavery. Further, sending a military off to fight like this would be problematic.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-10-19T23:24:21.8695231Z
@TBR -- You state: "The problem I see with that is... Conscription military comes very close to... Dare I say... Slavery." Response: Illegal immigration is...Dare I say it....Illegal...On a federal level. Not to mention theft of employment from legal citizens, theft of citizenship for potential legal immigrants, theft of tax dollars through social welfare programs, and a ton of other offenses. So if we round them up and deport them as we should, we are labeled as unsympathetic, unreasonable Nazi style...Meanies. If we demand military service as payment, we are enforcing slavery. So what are we supposed to do? || You state: "Further, sending a military off to fight like this would be problematic." Response: Nobody said start a war with Mexico, I simply said station them in Mexico. We have plenty of military bases in friendly nations for presence. But hey! Now that you mention it, These guys are all illegally coming to America to get away from whatever...Why not militarize them and train them, then send them back to their home countries as rebel forces to actually FIGHT for something they want instead of just EXPECTING it? Remember, we are limited in MANY ways, we can't just let everyone in.
OneNationUnderGod says2015-10-21T18:04:43.5613455Z
@MakeSensePeopleDon't - The idea I had in mind when I included Military Service as one of the voting options in the poll wouldn't be slavery it would be an option. Deportation or military service. Their choice. If they are not willing to serve in our military, then they can go home since they are here illegally anyway. If they do serve, we grant full citizenship rights, which would be contingent upon completion of service, or could be revoked upon failure to complete service. Just an idea that I think should be given some real consideration.
idoubtit says2015-10-21T18:30:30.9707028Z
Military service could be a reasonable option, with a long minimum term, and conditional upon acceptable behavior, learning skills, etc for the duration. There would be nothing "slavery" about being offered a job for which they are paid and get free housing and medical care, that they are free to decline. Being in the military, they would learn discipline, pride in being a part of this country, and skills other than picking strawberries, smuggling drugs and gang activities, so that they stood a chance of gainful employment afterwards. This would also integrate them into US culture instead of their presence altering existing culture. Prerequisites for being accepted into our military should be ability to speak fluent English, and no criminal record. Those who commit crimes while in the military, prison and deportation. And a wall to make sure they can never come back.

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