What is the relationship between philosophy and science? Why do you say that?

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Other (please say what it is)

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Philosophy is there to guide science

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Science is there to guide philosophy

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Philosophy and science are two separate things

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SNP1 says2014-04-07T16:40:39.4223759-05:00
Actionsspeak: But doesn't philosophy line up more to scientific hypotheses than anything? Shouldn't we look towards philosophies that can one day be tested to see if they are correct? The atom was once a philosophical idea, now it is science.
SNP1 says2014-04-07T20:09:13.5062792-05:00
I see it as philosophy guides science but more scientific advances allow for different philosophies.
IamPlato says2014-04-08T08:07:52.1442697-05:00
In science: •A theory must have observable consequences that can be tested and be falsified. •Theories also must agree with previous theories in the domains where they had been successfully tested. For example, special relativity reduces to Newton mechanics in the domain of velocities much less than the speed of light. In philosophy, while new theories must comply with existing theories, there is clearly much less testing/retesting. So, how does philosophy fit into this framework while maintaining the rigor required for scientific inquiry? Are there any examples of philosophical discussions that have significantly influenced or changed
SNP1 says2014-04-08T08:12:21.1096889-05:00
Some of Daniel Dennett's philosophies might one day be testable. The atom was once a philosophical idea, it is now testable and scientific.
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-08T14:50:05.0175196-05:00
SNP1 good point

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