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discomfiting says2014-05-23T00:36:33.2249956-05:00
@BasicLogic, is that even possible?
Csareo says2014-05-23T00:39:08.2092153-05:00
Edeb8 is obviously the superior site.
SweetTea says2014-05-23T07:14:02.6272150-05:00
If Edeb8 is superior, why did you return to DDO? Please, explain.
Csareo says2014-05-23T13:38:23.1001643-05:00
I like them both. Edeb8 lacks membership, so I'm here when I can't use their superior debating tools. Lars has 20 more features for debating, its strong suit
SweetTea says2014-05-24T04:47:14.6247869-05:00
I must admit, I am becoming very interested in the Politico blogs & forums. DDO has deteriorated, drastically, in a year.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-24T05:43:52.7618184-05:00
Well, how exactly has it deteriorated, Sweettea. I just don't see what a lot of people are complaining about. I think to some degree the quality of are discussions have even increased. I see a positive trend developing.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-24T05:44:33.8820787-05:00
Are = our (and I forgot to place a questionmark where a period should be.) :P
SweetTea says2014-05-24T07:01:15.6217918-05:00
Juan ... I've been a member of DDO, for almost a year. In that time, I've seen the Opinions & Polls go straight downhill. Yes, we have more polls. But the quality of them hasn't improved. Many are just useless nonsense. The Debates are becoming more of a popularity contest than sound debates that are based on facts. I've had my vote solicited, numerous times. The trolling has gotten worse. If an individual is looking for insightful discussion, debate, etc., DDO just doesn't deliver what it once did. I know a few members who have already left (not banned), for this reason. Personally, I now spend more time on other sites. It's unfortunate, but the nature of the beast. Some come here to engage in debate & discussion, of serious topics. Others come to carry-out sophomoric antics.
Csareo says2014-05-24T07:03:00.0952959-05:00
I grant you that polls are a horror fest. I grant you that debates are centered around personality cults. I grant you that DDO is officially a social network before a debate site.

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