What is the worst form of discrimination in your opinion?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Read some of the descriptions if you're confused on what each entails.

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Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. It often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ran... ked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently.Among the questions about how to define racism are the question of whether to include forms of discrimination that are unintentional, such as making assumptions about preferences or abilities of others based on racial stereotypes, whether to include symbolic or institutionalized forms of discrimination such as the circulation of ethnic stereotypes through the media, and whether to include the socio-political dynamics of social stratification that sometimes have a racial component.In sociology and psychology, some definitions only include consciously malignant forms of discrimination   more
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Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Sexist attitudes may stem from traditional stereotypes of gender roles, and may include the belief that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior t... o a person of the other. Several studies have found that women earn a smaller average wage than men. Many economists and feminist scholars have argued that this is the result of systemic gender-based discrimination in the workplace. Extreme sexism may foster sexual harassment, rape and other forms of sexual violence   more
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Religious discrimination

Religious discrimination is valuing or treating a person or group differently because of what they do or do not believe. Specifically, it is when adherents of different religions are treated unequally, either before the law or in institutional setti... ngs such as employment or housing.Religious discrimination is related to religious persecution, the most extreme forms of which would include instances in which people have been executed for beliefs perceived to be heretic. Laws which only carry light punishments are described as mild forms of religious persecution or as religious discrimination.Even in societies where freedom of religion is a constitutional right, sometimes adherents of religious minorities voice concerns about religious discrimination against them. Insofar as legal policies are concerned, cases that are perceived as religious discrimination might be the result of an interference of the religious sphere with other spheres of the public that are regulated by law   more
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Discrimination based on skin color (colorism)

Discrimination based on skin color, or colorism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.Colorism, a term coined by Alice Walker in 1982, is not a syn... onym of racism. "Race" depends on multiple factors; therefore, racial categorization does not solely rely on skin color. Skin color is only one mechanism used to assign individuals to a racial category, but race is the set of beliefs and assumptions assigned to that category. Racism is the dependence of social status on the social meaning attached to race; colorism is the dependence of social status on skin color alone. In order for a form of discrimination to be considered colorism, differential treatment must not result from racial categorization, but from the social values associated with skin color.Colorism can be found specifically in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, India, Latin America, and the United States   more
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Class discrimination

Classism is prejudice or discrimination on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, systems of policies and practices that are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes.For example, mid... dle-class and upper-class individuals in the U.S. referring to working-class, downtrodden white Americans as "poor white trash" is often regarded as a form of class prejudice, the insult having a historical parallel to wealthy whites' racist language against African-Americans   more
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Discrimination based on age.

Ageism is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. This may be casual or systematic. The term was coined in 1971 by Robert Neil Butler to describe discrimination against seniors, and patterned on sexis... m and racism. Butler defined "ageism" as a combination of three connected elements. Among them were prejudicial attitudes towards older people, old age, and the aging process; discriminatory practices against older people; and institutional practices and policies that perpetuate stereotypes about older people.The term has also been used to describe prejudice and discrimination against adolescents and children, including ignoring their ideas because they are too young, or assuming that they should behave in certain ways because of their age.Ageism in common parlance and age studies usually refers to negative discriminatory practices against old people, people in their middle years, teenagers and children. There are several forms of age-related bias. Adultism is a predisposition towards adults, which is seen as biased against children, youth, and all young people who are not addressed or viewed as adults   more
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Discrimination based on hair texture

Discrimination based on hair texture is a form of injustice resulting in human beings being treated differently based on the stigma attached to hair texture in society.Hair texture varies from straight hair to the curlier, kinkier hair. Curly hair a... lso has its own variation ranging from very loose curls to the very tightly packed afro textured hair. Straight hair enjoys a higher prestige and is more widely accepted in both professional settings and everyday settings. This social stigma attached to having curly hair has created an entire economy around hair care products and treatments to straighten hair   more
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These forms of discrimination aren't "bad".

Supremacism is the world view that a particular age, race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, social class, belief system, or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.
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Sexualism refers to either discrimination based on sexuality, or sexuality itself. Its most common form is heterosexism.
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Discrimination based on looks.

Lookism is a term used to refer to the positive stereotypes, prejudice, and preferential treatment given to physically attractive people, or more generally to people whose appearance matches cultural preferences. The pejorative term body fascism is ... also used as a synonym and Warren Farrell has proposed the term genetic celebrity to describe adoration of the attractive.Physical attractiveness is associated with good things, such as princesses; in contrast, physical unattractiveness is associated with negative things, such as witches. Many people make automatic judgments of others based on their physical appearance that influence how they respond to those people. Research on the "What is beautiful is good" stereotype shows that, overall, those who are physically attractive benefit from their good looks: physically attractive individuals are perceived more positively and physical attractiveness has a strong influence on judgement of a person’s competence. In return, physically attractive people benefit from these stereotypical beliefs. Research shows that on average, physically attractive individuals have more friends, better social skills, and more active sex lives   more
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Discrimination based on mental states.

Mentalism or sanism is a form of discrimination and oppression because of a mental trait or condition a person has, or is judged to have. This may or may not be described in terms of mental disorder or disability. The discrimination is based on nume... rous factors such as: stereotypes about individual differences or conditions, specific behavioral phenomena, or supposed intelligence, or neurology.Like other "isms" such as sexism and racism, mentalism involves multiple intersecting oppressions and complex social inequalities and imbalances of power. It can result in covert discrimination by multiple, small insults and indignities. It is characterized by judgments of another persons' perceived mental health status. These judgments are followed by actions such as blatant, overt discrimination. Mentalism impacts how individuals are treated by the general public, by mental health professionals, and by institutions, including the legal system. The negative attitudes may also be internalized.The terms mentalism and sanism have some widespread use, though concepts such as social stigma, and in some cases ableism, may be used in similar but not identical ways   more
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Nationality discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of nationality is usually included in employment laws. It is sometimes referred to as bound together with racial discrimination although it can be separate. It may vary from laws that stop refusals of hiring based on nati... onality, asking questions regarding origin, to prohibitions of firing, forced retirement, compensation and pay, etc., based on nationality. Discrimination on the basis of nationality may show as a "level of acceptance" in a sport or work team regarding new team members and employees who differ from the nationality of the majority of team members. In the UAE and other GCC states, for instance, nationality is not frequently given to residents and expatriates. In the workplace, preferential treatment is given to full citizens, even though many of them lack experience or motivation to do the job. State benefits are also generally available for citizens only   more
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Rankism is "abusive, discriminatory, or exploitative behavior towards people because of their rank in a particular hierarchy". Rank-based abuse underlies many other phenomena such as bullying, racism, hazing, ageism, sexism, and homophobia. The term...  "rankism" was coined by physicist, educator, and citizen diplomat Robert W. Fuller   more
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Linguistic discrimination

Linguistic discrimination is the unfair treatment of an individual based solely on their use of language. This use of language may include the individual's native language or other characteristics of the person's speech, such as an accent, the size ... of vocabulary, and syntax. It may also involve a person's ability or inability to use one language instead of another; for example, one who speaks Japanese in France will probably be treated differently from one who speaks French. Based on a difference in use of language, a person may automatically form judgments about another person's wealth, education, social status, character, and/or other traits. These perceived judgments may then lead to the unjustifiable treatment of the individual.In the mid-1980s, Linguist Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, captured this idea of discrimination based on language as the concept of linguicism. Kangas defined linguicism as the "ideologies and structures which are used to legitimate, effectuate, and reproduce unequal division of power and resources between groups which are defined on the basis of language.   more
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Caste is a form of social stratification characterized by endogamy, hereditary transmission of a lifestyle which often includes an occupation, ritual status in a hierarchy and customary social interaction and exclusion based on cultural notions of p... urity and pollution. According to Human Rights Watch and UNICEF, caste discrimination affects an estimated 250 million people worldwide.A paradigmatic, ethnographic example is the division of Indian society into rigid social groups, with roots in India's ancient history and persisting until today. Historically, the caste system in India has consisted of thousands of endogamous groups called Jatis or Quoms. Independent India has witnessed caste-related violence. The Nepalese caste system resembles that of the Indian Jāti system with numerous Jāti divisions with a Varna system superimposed for a rough equivalence. Religious, historical and sociocultural factors have helped define the bounds of endogamy for Muslims in some parts of Pakistan. The Caste system in Sri Lanka is a division of society into strata, influenced by the classic Aryan Varnas of North India and the Dravida Jāti system found in South India   more
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Disability discrimination

Ableism is a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities. It may also be referred to as disability discrimination, physicalism, handicapism, and disability oppression. It is also sometimes known as disablism, although...  there is some dispute as to whether ableism and disablism are synonymous, and some people within disability rights circles find the latter term's use inaccurate. Discrimination faced by those who have or are perceived to have a mental disorder is sometimes called mentalism rather than ableism   more
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Genetic discrimination

Genetic discrimination occurs when people are treated differently, for example by their employer or insurance company, because they have or are perceived to have a gene mutation that causes or increases the risk of an inherited disorder. It may also...  refer to any and all discrimination based on the genotype of a person rather than their individual merits.It is based on the concept of genism, that distinctive human characteristics and capacities are determined by genes   more
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Height discrimination

Heightism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on height. In principle it refers to discriminatory treatment against individuals whose height is not within the normal acceptable range of height in a population. Height discriminat... ion is most common against shorter than average men   more
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blackkid says2015-06-03T16:04:20.2822395-05:00
I'm not sure about some of these ...
UtherPenguin says2015-06-03T17:54:06.7973775-05:00
What's the difference between colourism and racism?
Stefy says2015-06-03T18:08:44.4546552-05:00
Um all of them. Equally.
PetersSmith says2015-06-03T19:36:03.6906078-05:00
Stefy: Are you saying that discrimination based on hair texture is as bad as racism?
Wylted says2015-06-03T22:48:51.5938632-05:00
None of those discriminations are all that bad. I
PetersSmith says2015-06-03T22:52:56.2504445-05:00
Wylted: Then don't vote on my poll.
Najs says2015-06-04T01:09:09.3172153-05:00
They are equally wrong.
CannedBread says2015-06-04T20:35:02.7660156-05:00
Come on discrimination on a group of people based on their religion, which in most cases is the same god. Pretty messed up.
briantheliberal says2015-06-05T11:14:36.1364042-05:00
"What's the difference between colourism and racism?" - Racism is determined by the negative, or bigoted attitudes and actions against people because of their race, which differs depending on the society in which you live. For example, in the U.S. race is more like white people, black people, Asian people all grouped together under a social construct. Colorism can be linked to racism but is a separate entity because it focuses specifically on the color of a person's skin, not necessarily their "race" so to speak. For example, in many Asian countries light skin is the ideal, so many times you will find instances of people within a country who are the same "race" ethnicity or nationality discriminating against their darker skinned counterparts. Like a lighter skinned Korean looking down on another Korean with tan or dark skin.
Ezk says2015-06-05T18:14:40.2370415-05:00
Any type of discrimination is equally bad.
Nerox says2015-06-06T06:09:48.6925770-05:00
All discrimination can be equally harmful, though the harm may come in different forms.
TheOpinionist says2015-06-15T20:24:43.3407865-05:00
Discrimination based on hair texture is the holiest of all injustices. Why have we not started a hashtag campaign against this?! #blackhairmatters
TheOpinionist says2015-06-15T20:25:19.8726634-05:00
PetersSmith says2015-06-15T20:26:30.3744448-05:00
TheOpinionist: Can you please stop changing your vote constantly?
PatriotPerson says2015-06-15T22:01:40.8293523-05:00

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