What is worse: Not getting invited to Heaven, or having God tap you on the shoulder when you arrive and tell you that you can never leave and you have to like it?

Posted by: Mikal

Props to Christopher Hitchens

  • Not getting invited to Heaven

  • Being stuck in Heaven forever and not being able to do anything but worship "God"

58% 15 votes
42% 11 votes
  • i couldn't even stand a minute of doing nothing

    Posted by: yay842
  • Hell? No way!!! Though it would be fun to be in the middle, as a ghost and haunt the people I hate. lolz

    Posted by: leojm
  • Hell? No way! And what's wrong with worshiping God? If science is validated, why not religion?

  • Not getting invited doesn't necessarily mean that I will be forcibly removed upon entering, even though I was never permitted to do so.

  • Can you imagine spending eternity worshiping a god? Church is long enough and that's only about 2 hours

  • If the Abrahamic god existed, it would be a genocidal tyrant. No thanks.

  • No matter how fun it is made to sound I just don't trust places you are supposedly being rewarded with but where they won't let you leave. Is God in your question a communist dictator?

  • Sometimes you have to say "No." Sometimes I think God is the bigger trickster, with all of his "tests of faith".

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Mirrodin says2013-09-11T22:39:26.0730110-05:00
This poll is the lowest this site gone so far.

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