What Is Your Favourite Discworld Main Character?

Posted by: Lemmingburgh

I only counted those that actually have multiple books (like a Discworld sub-category) written primarily from their point of view, otherwise the list would get really crowded really fast.

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The Grim Reaper of the Disc. At times very cold ('There's no justice. There's just me'), at times oddly warm (adopted a girl, cares for his granddaughter Susan of Sto Helit). Repeatedly tries to understand life, leaving his job temporarily and alway... s creating a mess, by e.g. trying to forget (for which he, for example, employs excessive drinking and joining the Klatchian Foreign Legion)   more
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Susan Sto Helit

Teenage/young adult granddaughter of Death. Has some supernatural/abnormal abilities (like seeing things that are actually there, as opposed to seeing things that are not there, which lots of people do), very sarcastic, and in multiple instances for... ced to jump in for death, e.g. to meddle in the affairs of humans (which Death is not allowed to do) or substitute for him when he decides to leave and discover life   more
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Samuel Vimes

Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Raises (or helps in raising, anyway) the City Watch from a troupe of three men with a drunk commander to a formidable force in protecting Ankh-Morpork from unlicensed crime.
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Moist Von Lipwig

A former conman who is half-unwillingly recruited into the service of Lord Havelock Vetinary, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, first to bring the ailing postal service back and then to make the costly bank and royal mint efficient. Invents the stamp and t... he banknote. Also features in the latest Discworld novel, 'Raising Steam', but sadly I have not read that (yet)   more
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Granny Weatherwax

A witch from the hubwards, mountainous country of Lancre. Together with her friends, she assists in reinstating the rightful king to the throne of Lancre (or that was her intention, anyways), stopping an evil happy-ending-obsessed fairy, stopping an...  elvish invasion of Discworld, etc   more
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A young witch, who interacts with the 'Wee Free Men', a type of very small and very rowdy fairy. Is temporarily possessed by a hiver. More the children's book style of Discworld character, as all her books were written for younger readers.
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Rincewind the Wizzard

A wizard so inept he doesn't know a single spell (and can't spell Wizard). Roams the Disc, almost dies innumerable times and by now actually is an irritating nuisance to Death himself. Very lucky, very fearful, very funny.
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