What is your opinion of Varrack?

Posted by: Varrack

Be honest, lol. I'll add stuff if you want me to.

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You're smart and cool

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You're ok

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You're a misguided fool

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You're evil

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You're great

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You're a punk

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You're a spud nut

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You're the best person in the whole world

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Varrack says2015-04-28T21:44:27.9239668-05:00
Yep I'm evil of course. Good trolling there
heil59 says2015-04-28T21:45:28.6243450-05:00
I actually think you are. You support israel despite all they did to palestine
Varrack says2015-04-28T21:47:19.7289694-05:00
Um Palestine has done worse things to Israel.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-28T21:48:16.4512966-05:00
Smarter than average.
heil59 says2015-04-28T21:48:37.6051678-05:00
Palestine never agreed to israel's existence. Palestine has suffered much more. Search up casualties on both sides.
heil59 says2015-04-28T21:50:48.3348438-05:00
TBR says2015-04-28T21:55:45.6746558-05:00
Misguided (but not fool) Punk (but not a bad punk) best person in the whole world... Well that would be my son or wife. You need more options.
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T21:59:09.0525104-05:00
Great debater.
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T21:59:43.9833110-05:00
I agree almost word for word with TBR.
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T22:00:16.0154278-05:00
@Heil & Varrak: Palestine hasn't done nearly as much to Israel as Israel has done to Palestine. I'll take that on as a real debate too.
TBR says2015-04-28T22:00:22.7342078-05:00
@TheMarquis - You know how much I hated giving him that last vote, right?
Varrack says2015-04-28T22:01:46.7955567-05:00
@Heil I would actually like to debate you on Israel if you weren't a troll. Make a non-troll account and debate me.
Varrack says2015-04-28T22:02:20.1688127-05:00
I added some answers. Btw "spud but" is a compliment (it's one of the original options)
Varrack says2015-04-28T22:02:29.6236552-05:00
*spud nut
heil59 says2015-04-28T22:05:08.5911323-05:00
Ap tests are like the next 2 weeks, i have SAT this saturday so not now.
heil59 says2015-04-28T22:05:23.0235025-05:00
But I accept your challenge for a later period in time
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T22:05:48.7003868-05:00
@TBR: Maybe more than I hated you doing it? I worked my hardest but I'm super inexperienced and keep loosing. @Varrack: I have been trying to get him to debate for a long time now. But please, don't get in a debate with him on the rare occasion that public opinion is on his side. He'd probably ruin it by bringing up some crazy theories about evil Jews, but there is a tiny chance he'd get the winning vote and it'd empower him.
Varrack says2015-04-28T22:06:48.6620989-05:00
Yep I have AP tests too. But you need to cover up your identity if you wanna debate me because you'll probably be banned in the middle of it and forfeit the rounds.
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T22:07:45.4847563-05:00
AP tests are a crappy excuse. I have Culinary school, highschool and two jobs going on. I still find time to sharpen my wits on here.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-28T22:09:04.9665030-05:00
A 22 year old taking the SAT, lol.
TheMarquis says2015-04-28T22:09:38.3490510-05:00
I think Heil is 17.
Varrack says2015-04-28T22:13:51.3741423-05:00
TheMarquis I think you have a lot of potential to become a great debater. Keep going at it and gaining experience and you'll definitely get better (you didn't do bad on the last debate).
heil59 says2015-04-28T22:25:50.8517988-05:00
16yrs old
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-29T01:13:38.0111056-05:00
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-29T05:31:31.4416929-05:00
I'd never thought heil would be younger than me :O
TheHappyReaper says2015-04-29T07:58:19.0515970-05:00
Is heil auto banned every time, or does he have to do something EVIL?
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-29T14:20:23.8443012-05:00
Add Sexy ;)
tajshar2k says2015-04-29T14:51:11.6879912-05:00
I use to be a big time Israel supporter, but I don't really know anymore. Many reports of Israeli's taking away Palestinian land is coming, so you can't expect them to say nothing. I think I'm officially neutral on this.

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