What is your opinion on ocarina of time?

Posted by: Chain

I want to see your guy's opinions

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It's the best game in the world

Please tell me that's sarcasm
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It. It. It's just not as good as the 2d ones

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It's ok

Ok opinion
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I agree its dumb
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It's crappy

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UtherPenguin says2015-05-24T10:44:42.4903785-05:00
Ocarina of Time is the best game on the Sega Genesis.
Chain says2015-05-24T10:46:39.4307249-05:00
That is an opinion not a fact
UtherPenguin says2015-05-24T10:52:54.2617877-05:00
@Chain Ocarina of Time is the most critically acclaimed FPS by Microsoft
Chain says2015-05-24T10:54:04.4323869-05:00
Nvm i read your lost debates and they're all you just being an idiot
Chain says2015-05-24T11:03:14.9705029-05:00
UtherPenguin says2015-05-24T11:04:53.0814185-05:00
Which one was your least favourite? (I need feedback on how I can be a worse debater later on in the future)
Chain says2015-05-24T11:06:13.5950829-05:00
My least favorite was the Barack Obama is responsible for the assassination of Pierre Trudeau debate (it was bootiful) make more like that 1
UtherPenguin says2015-05-24T11:10:46.6020829-05:00
Any suggestions for topics?
Chain says2015-05-24T11:47:46.2435875-05:00
I have a debate challenge for you. Is Ocarina of time the best fps by microsoft?
UtherPenguin says2015-05-24T11:53:03.2271229-05:00
@Chain Perfect!
Chain says2015-05-24T17:08:59.5539701-05:00
I sent you the challenge bring the drawing skills from the Barack Obama is responsible for the assassination of Pierre Trudeau debate.
masterofnone says2015-06-26T04:47:04.1559998-05:00
What is wrong with you people. It is in fact a very good game. It immerses the player in a magical environment. Don't be so cynical that you need to be stunned by incredible realism to like a game- go outside if you want incredible realism- it's right outside your door everyday. There are multiple and achievable goals, Many dastardly villains to rid the world of in a righteous manner, and much innocent fun to be had besides the swordplay. Look at the joy on Link's face when he finds a heart container or even a rupee, awesome. The redeads, is there anything more subconsciously disturbing than being frozen in fear as a ghoul inches slowly towards you before in leaps and drains the life from you? Remember the crazy little goofball that plays eerie music? What about finding a heart in a jar when you are down to half a heart? You just can't beat it. What about helping that fellow with the little spider things to rescue his family. The puzzles to solve to get through the dungeons- hours of fun. 9 out of 10. Only thing that annoyed me was the damn game never remembers you beating Ganon. No epilogue, no being thanked and congratulated for your bravery and sacrifice by the people of Hyrule. No sweet kiss on the cheek from Princess Zelda for rescuing her.
Chain says2015-06-26T21:17:05.0301355-05:00
So people cant have opinions? Also i dont like waiting 10 years for the chest to open so i can see what's in the chest. Also almost everything you said is an opinion

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