What is your opinion on Scottish independence?

Posted by: scots

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Scotland should become and independent nation

8 votes

Scotland should stay with the UK with same rights as they have now

8 votes

Scotland should remain with the Uk just get more privileges

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donald.keller says2014-04-24T12:00:58.7339271-05:00
@Discomfiting: That's not what they want... That what Americans think they want.
scots says2014-04-24T12:03:06.2951271-05:00
We do want independence
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-24T12:03:47.1047271-05:00
You want independence.
scots says2014-04-24T12:04:09.6155271-05:00
We not just I
scots says2014-04-24T12:29:35.9975271-05:00
@ donald.Keller If we did not can to leave don't you think we would have very little supporters. Yet we have very many
scots says2014-04-24T12:30:32.1419271-05:00
*If we did not want to leave don't you think we would have very few supporters?
discomfiting says2014-04-24T12:31:32.2487271-05:00
I didn't say that's what they want. I said if that's what they want. If their pop. Vote is a passing majority, then it is what they want.
Kreakin says2014-04-24T19:18:55.0416201-05:00
Good luck to them if they do it! I don't personally think it is a very wise move what with the global situation at present. The brightest will all leave when the money dries up with paying the national debt, buying an Army, Air Force, Navy, nuclear protection, their way into the EU, etc. Think we might build a wall after a few years to keep out the desperate Scots, I'm not kidding! Independence might feel great but at what cost? I would rather they stay than carry on with the Braveheart fantasy.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-04-29T14:26:50.6575917-05:00
I don't know what to put, I keep changing my mind....
Mike01506 says2014-04-29T16:07:10.3881443-05:00
The thing is with the Scottish, they're too busy trying to destroy what my ancestors fought for, to look at the massive list of downsides they'll have to deal with when and if they leave. It's rather silly to be frank.
scots says2014-04-30T14:41:33.0882920-05:00
Well your ancestors killed hundreds of mine in the process
scots says2014-04-30T14:42:56.1660010-05:00
And we are thinking ahead for sure we would have to build up an army and navy, yet we ave rising industries especially in Silicon Glen and North Sea oil is now being bought by other countries.
Kreakin says2014-04-30T16:07:21.0340075-05:00
Scots seem to think they are punishing the Brits in some way. They are not, at present both are sharing resources. When.If this stops then the Scots become our competition and us there's. I do not see how that helps either party.
Mike01506 says2014-05-01T14:13:12.9134479-05:00
Britain will only benefit from Scotland leaving the UK, and the Scottish are going to suffer for it. I couldn't care less about Scottish wellbeing, I just want the famous UK to stay as it is, honouring the people who died on each side to make us the country we are now. Scotland isn't going to benefit from leaving, it's some ill-guided campaign against the English, that's all.
scots says2014-05-01T16:35:36.2534479-05:00
UK will not benefit from Scotland becoming independent
Mike01506 says2014-05-01T16:39:42.1094479-05:00
Well not at first, no. Scotland is just going to plummet into an isolated depression, cut off from Britain's lifeline. Everybody else can see it, yet you people are still proceeding with it. Seriously, the economy is just picking up after years of depression, and you decided to cut yourself off from it? Madness, and you can't even defend your precious land can you? Because you know I'm right.
scots says2014-05-01T16:41:38.3774427-05:00
You don't know that will happen look at all the other countries that had little to no economy and got independence. And we are different people that is why we want separation.
scots says2014-05-01T16:43:56.4206479-05:00
And I don't think you are right
scots says2014-05-01T16:44:24.5942479-05:00
I mean can you see the future can you see this happen?
Kreakin says2014-05-02T03:37:36.2428429-05:00
I don't know tbh. It's just a shame this descision seems to be being made on the basis of emotions about each other rather than sensible logic. Maybe Scotland could be an very happy independent country. The question is would it be different if it was not us Brits, we don't help being all arrogant and all but many people are having a knee jerk reaction and spitting the dummy. If you do go independant I'll be after one of thoese commemorative single malts : )
Mike01506 says2014-05-02T15:45:10.6129884-05:00
Scots, you and the rest of your people are deluding yourself. Perhaps you're better off on your own, struggling to keep afloat. I'm not going to go through the massive list of downsides that it's likely Scotland with go through. You, or the rest of you people are not prepared to think up of any benefits of leaving the UK, so what is that obviously showing? Perhaps you'll do ok, but why go into such a massive risk just to try and get one over on the English? It doesn't make sense. Rather you than me pal.
scots says2014-05-02T19:10:11.7474617-05:00
We would take such a massive risk because we have pride, just like the Americans why did they take such a large risk to fight Britain because they wanted to be freed.

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