What is your opinion on the relationship between science and religion?

Posted by: ladiesman

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They are compatible

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They are enemies

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Supreme_Sawk says2017-09-24T20:59:08.8494452Z
Science goes against religion as there is no scientific evidence that there is a god and science does not believe in creationism. You also do not accept the big bang theory if you say it was done by god, because that's essentially the same thing as creation and is just an attempt to hijack science with religion/god.
Supreme_Sawk says2017-09-24T21:01:42.8068321Z
'Likewise, science is incapable of testing (and therefore disproving) religion; and therefore does not contradict religion' So you automatically accept that a god does exist? When in doubt, you assume it doesn't exist. You don't assume something exists until there is substantial evidence to prove it's existence. There is none for god or religion in general.
Supreme_Sawk says2017-09-24T21:03:53.9412727Z
'Science and religion are two languages telling the same story. The ideas of creation and evolution neither include nor exclude each other' You're completely forgetting the big bang though. If you believe a god did it then you don't agree with science, as there's no evidence to suggest a god did do it. As far as science is concerned a god doesn't exist.
missmedic says2017-09-24T23:53:27.5620878Z
Science encourages doubt and religion discourages doubt, science is about intellectual honesty, religion is about belief and believing belief is a choice, when it is not.
ladiesman says2017-09-25T01:37:51.5876084Z
@Supreme_Sawk Using science to test religious claims will not work. Religion does not survive the scientific method. An atheist once argued, "I don't believe in God because I do not find Him in my test tube". God is not a chemical. Not all data is scientific.
EagleRayp says2017-09-26T13:52:41.3207490Z
There is no relation
ThomasBewick says2017-09-26T19:01:02.4247396Z
Out of all galaxies, star systems and planets, what chance does religion have to really be true? Out of all possible alien species that support millions of completely different and unrelated religions and beliefs what chance does religion have to really be true? We are not advanced or intelligent enough to be certain that our religions are the truth, though out the whole Universe? The chances are similar to winning a one hundred billion dollar lottery.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-04T19:55:47.9889381Z
ThomasBewick, having a right or wrong religion is far different than relief being compatible with science. One individual may have the 'wrong' religion while another may have the 'right' religion. Both can still be compatible with science. Science can neither prove, nor disprove religion; as religion within itself is supposed to be beyond science. While it is true that science does go against SOME religions, it does not go against the idea of religion as a whole. For example: when Christians say God created the heavens and they earth, they imply that God created the fundamentals of the universe. Science is only the observation, understanding, and advancement of humanity through these same fundamentals. Logic would thereby dictate that IF a deity created nature and it's laws, it most certainly can break them. Concepts such as the big bang, evolution, and many other scientific theories are just that. So long as they are scientific theories and not scientific fact we can conclude they do not apply in these cases. If we DID include them however, most religions still imply a force, deity, or circumstance that allows for the surpassing of science. The only way humanity could prove science is against religion would be to disprove this idea of surpassing science; and seeing that our only available tried and true method of understanding everything IS science, we simply cannot do this.
melcharaz says2019-03-16T03:53:51.4703814Z
Science is only a method of observation, It doesn't contain the whole truth. Our perspectives hinder our own persuit of knowledge and belief in a higher power is necessary to find the truth. Christianity specifically.

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