What is your views or thoughts on gay marriage?

Posted by: StoneL

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I support it

19 votes

I am against it

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It may not be inherently right, but nobody deserves to be excised from mankind, no matter their orientation.

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I support it politically

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It is morally wrong.

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I deny it due to religious beliefs

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I support it due to religious beliefs

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As long as they don't show affection in pulblic

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I don't mind, I just don't support it

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discomfiting says2014-04-16T11:16:56.3453756-05:00
@ChrisF, the constitution doesn't matter in congress.
Conspiracy_risk says2014-04-16T11:27:32.4376188-05:00
Can you add a choice that says "Religious Beliefs" or something like it?
ChrisF says2014-04-16T11:49:55.6998294-05:00
To anybody who said no: http://www.hilaryhodge.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/141-Imagine-how-stupid-you-are-going-to-look-in-40-years.jpg
ChrisF says2014-04-16T12:25:20.6830510-05:00
Rhodesia, as a conservative, you want small government, correct?
Rhodesia79 says2014-04-16T12:30:18.7385616-05:00
Yes, I do but we still have laws.
ChrisF says2014-04-16T12:31:18.6241283-05:00
Well, why would you want government to have control over marriage then? That sounds like a big government to me.
Stalin_Mario says2014-04-16T14:11:17.0841969-05:00
Conservatives who want to make gay marriage and abortion illegal are the biggest hypocrites ever. So stupid, that it hurts when they speak.
Rhodesia79 says2014-04-16T15:29:31.4288868-05:00
I saw your comment coming. That's why I said we need laws. Im not a libertarian who thinks we don't need laws at all. I think that the government needs to be small when it comes to all this extra stuff they do. Like obamacare, but upholding laws is something I support.
abyteofbrain says2014-04-16T15:58:21.1142665-05:00
Why do you say that they are hypocrites.
StoneL says2014-04-16T16:45:11.4256169-05:00
Explain to us how conservatives are hypocrytes..
ChrisF says2014-04-16T17:21:18.8238752-05:00
It's simple. They want the government to have less power, but yet want them to have the power to ban gay marriage, abortion, marijuana, etc. How exactly can they say they want small government, while trying to give the government power, and not be hypocrites?
abyteofbrain says2014-04-16T17:37:17.6518308-05:00
First of all, even if those were conflicting interests, they don't indicate hypocrisy. Secondly, the size of a government has nothing to do with it's laws. Thirdly, some laws are important, and others are simply annoying. We never said we didn't want our government making laws, in case you didn't know, that's not conservativism, it's anarchism.
ChrisF says2014-04-16T18:15:53.6270767-05:00
@theOmniscient - Evidently, you don't understand how children are born, or maybe how homosexuality works. Homosexuality means you are attracted to somebody of your own gender. You don't need to be attracted to somebody to have sex with them, and all you need to do to have children is have sex. So even if everyone on earth was homosexual, they'd all be perfectly capable of having children. They just wouldn't enjoy it.
discomfiting says2014-04-16T19:07:38.9402585-05:00
Conservatism is just the group of people that want to impose religious views onto everybody else. They call for smaller government but they just want their religious views imposed socially. They don't want small government, that's just a smokescreen. They want/make laws against gay marriage, polygamy, marijuana, abortion, gambling, prostitution, ect and victimless crimes which is completely hypocritical to the ideal of small government. Republicans want big government in a with religious ideals, Democrats want big government without them, Libertarians are the ones who truly want smaller government and maximum freedom.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-17T07:42:49.3787559-05:00
Interesting segue from the original question everyone. I guess gay marriage is highly political at this point, regardless though, everyone seems to try and find a certain "box" to cram their ideals into then proceed to sell it to the opposing belief system. The Chris F link shared above provides a great example of what speaking out against gay marriage will look like 40 years from now. What makes this nation great is that it is a melting pot of multifaceted backgrounds. Just because we are a certain ideology does not give us the right as humans to demonize opposing beliefs to the point of severe intolerance. Ignorance is in full bloom on this thread from both sides of the isle. Remember this, just because an opposing political belief does not fit into your box; does not mean you have to demonize it because you do not agree with or understand it. Topics such as Homosexuality are emotionally charged rendering both extreme view points vulnerable to fallacy in reasoning. If everyone took as much time to build one another up with positive favorable rhetoric and less time searching for ways to fracture others beliefs our world and more specifically America would be better off. When you brand labels on the individual you miss who the individual is all together!!!!!!!!!!!
abyteofbrain says2014-04-17T09:39:52.6403367-05:00
You've got a point. Though we should continue to talk about our reasons, we should do it in the most uplifting way possible. Anytime I disagree, I automatically go into argument mode and point out all of the argument's weaknesses, it never gets me anywhere, but it's what I do.
TheOncomingStorm says2014-04-17T17:30:56.8468808-05:00
@discomfiting: Republicans =/= all conservatives. I am a conservative, but I'm not a republican. I don't fit the stereotype you've built up. I'd recommend that you don't assert your generalizations as a universal truth, because when you do, you're certainly going to be wrong in some cases. It kind of messes up your universal claim when that happens.
Haroush says2014-04-17T18:07:20.6188011-05:00
I am a Republican and proud of it.
abyteofbrain says2014-04-17T19:13:43.0385812-05:00
I'm a myself.
abyteofbrain says2014-04-17T19:13:57.5291570-05:00
... And proud of it
Stalin_Mario says2014-04-19T20:30:10.9047509-05:00
I would be ashamed if I were you.
Haroush says2014-11-02T08:05:34.2364769-06:00
All I see is a bunch of politically correct people on here who are afraid to voice their opinions, and if you aren't Republican with conservative views, You are either A.) Libertarian or B.) moderate Liberal. Either way, I stand against these political views vehemently.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T08:24:18.2225354-06:00
Okay, have fun fighting a losing "war".
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T08:24:40.5303924-06:00
*lost, not losing. You can't win.
Haroush says2014-11-02T08:43:27.9323753-06:00
I am not fighting a losing war and I am not afraid to spar with anyone.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T10:55:33.4191877-06:00
You're fighting a lost war. Gay marriage will be legal throughout all of the United States, and there is nothing you or your kind can do to stop it. Logic and reason will always come out on top.
Haroush says2014-11-02T14:24:37.2480584-06:00
Logic and reason is subjective in it's self.
Haroush says2014-11-02T14:25:39.7728584-06:00
The war has just begun.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-02T14:46:23.1485089-06:00
The " War " for gay marriage? Oh that is just about said and done, victory for Pro-Gay Marriage.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T18:21:19.1205218-06:00
The war has just begun? Are you serious? You guys lost the second gay marriage became a hot topic on the media.
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:17:48.4692366-06:00
Only a fool would believe cultures within societies set in like concrete.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T21:22:43.5040014-06:00
Only a fool still believes they can make gay marriage illegal again. But whatever, in the future everyone well look back at your kind the same way we look back at slave owners, nothing more than scum.
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:23:55.0836109-06:00
Yeah, your kind..
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:25:33.0959498-06:00
Gay marriage was never illegal in the first place, it's the fact they are forcing the churches to marry them.. They should create their own institutions and so on.. Gay marriage has no place in religion.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T21:26:14.3595181-06:00
Hm? What is my kind? Care to elaborate? Also your reply makes no sense.
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:26:34.4365894-06:00
And yes people should have the right to deny services to someone based upon their faith by FACT.
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:28:45.2616770-06:00
I don't plan on elaborating.. You don't need details to understand the comment you questioned.
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T21:34:03.7449092-06:00
Wtf are you talking about? No one said churches should be forced to marry gay people. Are you crazy? Do you even know or understand what this whole issue is about? Clearly you don't. This isn't about forcing churches or other religious bodies to accept gay marriage or marry same sex couples in their respective churches, this is about giving them the same benefits as normal couples, legally. Gay marriage was not illegal? Are your really this ignorant? Please educate yourself on the subject before you make yourself look like a massive fool. Pathetic.
Haroush says2014-11-02T21:41:48.5439297-06:00
Stalin_Mario says2014-11-02T21:45:29.1421156-06:00
Stupid troll is stupid. You're a waste of time. No point in arguing with you, you're worse than a brick wall. Grow up.

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