What kind of atheists are you? (only for atheists)

Posted by: Black-Jesus

How extreme are you in your atheistic beliefs

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Agnostic Atheist

You don't believe in any deity but you recognize that while their isn't enough evidence for you to believe in them there isn't enough evidence against them for others not to believe them.
20 votes


You strong believe that there is no deities, you would be very surprised if there was and you are more than willing to debate a theist, but don't fault them too much for being a theist, you just think they're kinds dumb
9 votes


You strongly disbelieve in any deity, you strongly spite anyone who does, you combat these believes and while continue to do so until the day you die
3 votes
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UtherPenguin says2015-06-24T21:42:46.4053889-05:00
*Waits patiently for flamewar*
PetersSmith says2015-06-24T22:44:35.7252301-05:00
Instead of atheist being the other option, it should have been gnostic atheist.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-24T22:47:29.2185679-05:00
Yeah, I meant to do that, i did that on the theistic version of this poll. I've just been really scatterbrained lately, it seems
ImARedditFreakDontJudgeMe says2015-06-26T02:33:17.7631543-05:00
Well I'm like purely 100% agnostic I don't know what the hell to believe and I can't vote so I'm sad ;(
ImARedditFreakDontJudgeMe says2015-06-26T02:33:37.2967301-05:00
It's fine tho I'll just vote anyway
reece says2015-06-26T02:36:00.0033016-05:00
I'll show you the way.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-27T12:37:10.3057394-05:00
@YoreLore, are you saying that it is a logical fallacy for theists to believe in god(s) because there isn't enough contradicting evidence or are you saying that I worded it in a logically fallacious manner? Because I've talked to a lot of theists who admit to only being theists because of what they see as evidence for the existence of a deity is not contradicted enough by empirical evidence. Of course, even if there was enough contradicting evidence a lot of them would still be theists, but that is besides the point.
YoreLore says2015-06-28T08:03:33.4857598-05:00
@Black-Jesus - I read the definition of Agnostic Atheist above as "There isn't enough evidence to prove God doesn't exist, but you can't prove he doesn't exist either". That's what I was meaning. I suppose I believe it's down to the people making extraordinary claims to be the ones to prove it. There's no evidence Zeus doesn't exist etc etc. Perhaps it was the wording.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-28T10:00:38.0507543-05:00
Yeah, I think it was the wording

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