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PatriotPerson says2013-11-08T17:18:04.9793122-06:00
@Bruinshockeyfan, it takes a lot of skill to rap.
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-11-08T17:28:47.7622287-06:00
No it doesn't. You just read words off paper and have your producer audio tune your voice and add a beat in the background. That isn't even music.
Mikal says2013-11-08T20:18:33.4615894-06:00
How do you even manage to put rap/dubstep into the same answer lol.
yay842 says2013-11-08T20:23:20.0604320-06:00
Rap is alright and dubstep is awesome. They're two different things. And rap does take a lot of skill. Not all rappers read words off paper and have producers audio tune their voice,etc. Some rappers can say a bunch of random crap at 10000 words per minute.
DestroyingAngel says2013-11-09T09:53:24.4652855-06:00
I think classical music is one of the greatest types of music! But my younger sibling hates it!
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-11-09T16:32:30.2050794-06:00
I put them together cause i dont consider either music. Dubstep is just noises created by a computer.
yay842 says2013-11-09T17:15:07.0469140-06:00
Music: he science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity so dubsteb and rap is music as they have tones and sounds in succession, combination, etc. SO I SLAP YOU GOOD SIR.
Haroush says2013-11-09T19:23:13.9770170-06:00
Most hip hop music is just electronics anyways. The only part that is creative about it, or at least could be is the lyrics. Unfortunately, I have yet to be impressed by any hip hop artist except Lupe Fiasco. Maybe if there was actual singing involved with better subjects other then sex, drugs, and money maybe people would have more respect for it.
Haroush says2013-11-09T19:39:03.1760606-06:00
To be fair, I don't like any mainstream music except for classical music. Other than that most of the mainstream music today is demeaning to the human being. Most people don't understand how dangerous it is to expose yourself to any type of demeaning music ( hint hint... The effects it takes on your brain and psychological changes you may reap without even knowing it).
hercurlyfryhair says2013-12-23T19:28:19.6726165-06:00
It's not music. It's talking fast with a bass drum in the backround tbh
weird_one says2014-03-05T03:32:34.8285227-06:00
Lol at the comment under "classical" that says they hate old people music. Many people listen to classical music and they're not all old.
swagster1998 says2014-03-15T22:53:40.1534331-05:00
Not all rap artists are like the ones y'all are describing! Ever heard of M.I.A.? Kilo Kish?
LynneaRichelle says2014-04-10T15:25:46.7248592-05:00
All music is music, its just not the kind you consider to be music.
Keltron says2014-04-24T02:31:17.4339205-05:00
Rap is like a fourth grade poetry contest set to the noise of tennis shoes in the dryer.
hercurlyfryhair says2014-04-26T09:13:10.8983996-05:00
Lol ^
JoeAbdu says2014-05-07T17:00:36.2305964-05:00
Metal and Screamo are great musical choices. They use melodies and instruments to express emotions. The only difference between metal and screamo, and other music, is that metal and screamo are portraying a different emotion than other genres.
debate_power says2014-06-09T17:04:42.8158326-05:00
Classical. Music. Is. The. Best. Without Question.
debate_power says2014-07-08T15:42:48.3094076-05:00
You know, I bet a lot of the "social problems" ironically depicted in rap actually result from listening to rap. Besides, just listening to "social problems" in song is not doing any good; indeed, the people who listen to rap seem to be reveling in their social problems. If you want to solve something, put your time into doing something else than complaining about it and using your freedom of speech to spout immoral garbage.
Born.Atheist says2015-02-19T09:36:01.0605814-06:00
Why is rap and dubstep in the same category? They are completely different.
SwizzardWizard says2015-03-31T15:56:31.7267314-05:00
;( Two of my favourite genres are put in the same category even though they are incredibly different and are at the top of the most hated music poll. ;( Rap is very meaningful depending on which artist you listen to (Look up the lyrics and meanings before thinking it's just fast talking with a beat) and with dubstep I recommend listening to Monstercat music before judging EDM.
blackwhite says2015-08-06T10:05:58.3629436Z
Other: Middle eastern music. The singers sound like goats!
ProtectedMethod says2015-10-13T23:29:08.2665134Z
Why is metal not on here?
Mikenew1221 says2015-10-29T13:05:02.4481392Z
Dubstep is just ABABACABABA rythm. So its not really music in my opinion. C being the "drop". Rap is just disgusting. All rap consists of is sex, money, and drugs.
lulubug123 says2016-05-05T01:17:09.3664452Z
I dont like country
Observer001 says2018-04-12T20:48:50.7808245Z
Funny Thing.
Observer001 says2018-04-12T21:05:22.2856245Z
There's a lot more than 5 1/2 genres of music if your gonna make a music poll at least add more than 5 genres and "OTHER"
StrongestPeaShooterYT says2018-05-15T11:55:15.9873501Z
PvZ2 Metal Jam is the best music ever!

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