What kinda theists are you? (only for theists)

Posted by: Black-Jesus

How intensely religious are you?

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Agnostic Theist

You believe in your religion but you don't fault atheists all too much because you can kinda see where they are coming from, you tend to be more liberal with your believe and believe God(s) should be blended with science and knowledge as well as spi... rituality and scripto   more
10 votes

Gnostic Theist

You tend to believe firmly in your religion, and are happy to help out and possibly convert others whenever you have the opportunity, but you're not going to break down doors or pester people because you are still afraid that you may annoy them or m... ake them angry. You generally accept atheists, though you try a little bit harder to change their mind, even though you find them a little foolish for not believing in your religio   more
6 votes
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Religious Zealot

You are completely, 100% convinced of the existence of God(s), and you are prepared to go out and push your religion on all the listening ears for you come bearing the truth
3 votes
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UtherPenguin says2015-06-24T22:00:18.2556164-05:00
Flamewar imminent.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-24T22:01:19.9704032-05:00
You know, one day you're gonna incite a flame war just by saying there's gonna be one
UtherPenguin says2015-06-24T22:06:31.3500257-05:00
@Black-Jesus I think I may have done that once.
triangle.128k says2015-06-24T22:06:36.4981247-05:00
In the religious forum, you can incite a flame war for simply saying the word "god."
Forthelulz says2015-06-24T22:08:25.1068271-05:00
How dare you not capitalize the word "God", you heretic, unless you're referring to those false gods that were worshiped before we civilized those people.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-24T22:16:21.6209423-05:00
How dare you call triangle.128k a heretic, you pilgriming trash?
Black-Jesus says2015-06-24T22:31:52.8907407-05:00
@MrThatGuyAm, why did you vote on this poll and the atheist poll?
triangle.128k says2015-06-24T22:32:07.1982160-05:00
@Forthelulz What are you talking about? You followers of Abrahamic religions aren't civilized at all. You believe on fairy tales, the only real god is the flying spaghetti monster.
PetersSmith says2015-06-24T23:41:14.0008458-05:00
Juan_Pablo says2015-06-25T13:46:00.9226628-05:00
You forgot the dystheist option.
Forthelulz says2015-06-25T13:53:21.2151466-05:00
You can worship whatever you want. I'll have a never-ending bucket of popcorn to watch your damnation.
Juan_Pablo says2015-06-25T16:35:13.1638407-05:00
An imaginary bucket of popcorn to go along with that imaginary mansion in heaven. You're really invested.
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-08T20:38:17.1643811Z
I want popcorn, But it would suck if it was endless, like anything... Even pizza..... Wait..... Yea if you could eat pizza forever it would still not make it "pizzaeee" anymore. An eternal "heaven" or "hell" would be pointless without an after to the afterlife
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-08T20:41:23.3827748Z
Darkmatter2525 did a video on this, I recommend him to theists and athiests alike

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