What magical power do you want?

Posted by: yay842

Because the other one meant differently

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Super speed

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Super strength

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yay842 says2013-09-09T23:36:24.5783691-05:00
I seriously expect at least 99% to choose all now
yay842 says2013-09-09T23:36:49.1176410-05:00
This really screwed the tough decision
yay842 says2013-09-09T23:37:08.2728183-05:00
If all wasn't an option, what would you really choose?
leojm says2013-09-09T23:41:57.6739836-05:00
Um invincible, that would be nice.
yay842 says2013-09-09T23:44:54.7575666-05:00
Yea i would go with invincibility too if i put control time than freeze time
leojm says2013-09-09T23:51:30.5950011-05:00
If you fly, you would have to dodge bird shlt all the time.
Mikal says2013-09-09T23:52:55.8446249-05:00
Invisibility hands down
Mikal says2013-09-09T23:52:56.2874490-05:00
Invisibility hands down
yay842 says2013-09-16T00:18:59.7575451-05:00
Why wouldn't some people not choose all? Besides the fact that its greedy.
Osmosis says2013-09-16T05:52:14.3784574-05:00
I would want the ability to multiply whatever I choose, whether it be an object, an idea, an emotion, etc.
higa123 says2013-10-22T15:38:37.6175865-05:00
First of all, I am going to assume the normal "you wake up with it/suddenly get it" scenario. The problem with almost all powers is what would happen when you try to practice or use it. I will show you below: Invisibility: It's kind of hard to practice, I would think. Also, you need to always check to see if your invisible. As there is no invisible clothing, if you want to sneak around or use invisibility for things that anyone would normally use it for, you would need to take all of your clothes off whenever you use it. This would create awkward situations if you suddenly reappear. Also, with no clothes it would be easy to accidentally hit someone and freak them out, as well as catch diseases or get conditions (colds, hypothermia, heat stroke, etc.) from environmental factors. Also, time spent invisible is time taken away from tanning. Freeze-time: Again, the usage causes problems. What if you are using it, your mind slips, and it resumes and everyone witnessed you suddenly "transporting" across the room. Also, you could, just, you know, freeze time and not be able to resume it for a long time (or forever). Super speed: Usage problems, again. While running very fast, you must keep in mind you are building up a lot of friction, causing you to get really, really hot (maybe "catch on fire" type of hot). In addition, it would be tough controlling it turning on and off. Also, if you go from super fast to stopping in an instant, inertia would cause you to not stop, but to launch forward when you try to, and you would skid/slide/tumble/crash for a while before stopping. Not to mention the possibility you run super fast into a person, or trash can, or car or building, or tree, etc. Super strength: Super strength is very bad. Usage problems, AGAIN. Imagine hugging someone to accidentally snap them in half. Also, normal tasks could instantly turn into collateral damage. You could also cause massive damage to cities (see every super hero movie ever). Invincibility: Living forever can be a drag. You would live forever, but everyone you know would die, and the people after that, and the people after that, and everyone you ever know will die and you will persist. Telekinesis: Randomly causing things to float, getting caught with objects floating, your powers faltering, so instead of the knife cutting through steak, it's cutting through your fingers, etc. Flying: Trying to fly, you would run into Superspeed like problems. Flying into buildings, mountains, planes, birds, trying to control yourself while having nothing but the air to manipulate yourself with, etc.
Formerland1 says2014-06-10T20:53:11.2786584-05:00
All is basically electromegnetickenisis because you can manipulate darn near everything control energy control everything ( evil laughter ) no doubt I'm an intj
Taust says2017-02-04T06:14:39.3669390Z
I ignored the all option because it just made the whole thing stupid? Of course anyone would rather have all the powers than just one, so there's no point in making a poll on it. The fun of the poll is choosing which power would be the best.

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