What makes a bigger explosion

Posted by: GGSE

Bazooka or RPG

  • RPG

  • Bazooka

39% 7 votes
61% 11 votes
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Gustav_Adolf_II says2015-04-21T09:25:10.5677677-05:00
Isn't a bazooka a kind of RPG?
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T10:07:58.6718298-05:00
No there is a difference. Bazooka carries its payload in the back of the projectile, RPG carries the payload in the front. There is also differences in how they fire.
Tyler_Lemke says2015-05-13T08:18:01.8215886-05:00
Irrelevant poll, depends on the type of explosive used for either.

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