What makes the Satan the most evil?

Posted by: Shield

As a fictional character or an actual entity.

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Nothing. He is not evil.

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Something else.

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His jealousy of humans.

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His embrace of sin.

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His bearing the light.

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His tempting of humanity with knowledge of reality.

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His shrouding of sinful souls from the mercy of the biblical God.

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His defiance of the biblical God.

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I don't know.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-05T12:15:30.9525200-06:00
Reality is an interesting place, I sorta like it here. However hate it at the same time.
carriead20 says2014-11-05T12:21:32.0278054-06:00
If anything "God" is also evil.
blackkid says2014-11-05T12:36:59.2546616-06:00
Theologically Lucifer (Satan) tempted the humans to the Tree of Knowledge ultimately with the goal of having them terminated. When this didn't happen the first destruction of heaven (it's actually been destroyed 3 times) occurred and Lucifer was cast out along with his generals who took to his side against Yahweh. The entire purpose within the context of that story for Lucifer's behavior was to see mankind die and that behavior has not ceased where without Yahweh's interference (as seen in Job) Lucifer would gleefully rid the world of humans through torturing them to death; keep in mind that one of the stipulations made regarding the challenge between Satan and Yahweh regarding Job was that he not be killed and this was no accident. Lucifer / Satan would have slain Job had he been given jurisdiction.
Shield says2014-11-05T12:39:39.5798260-06:00
But that is all due to his jealousy of humans, is it not?
blackkid says2014-11-05T12:42:34.9333098-06:00
It's a bit more complex than that. Actually Lucifer wasn't jealous of humanity he was upset at the fact that Yahweh gave his favor to humanity. The difference is subtle but Lucifer has no desire to be human at all; instead supposedly his pride as the Angel of Light and Music (two pretty important things) got the better of him and when he saw that little naked cosmically insignificant molemen got the attention of Yahweh he lost his cool. The entire idea of the Tree of Knowledge plot was to show the fault in the creation of mankind to begin with and how flawed they were.
Shield says2014-11-05T12:43:54.7555688-06:00
I meant to write envy, not jealousy. That's my bad.
Shield says2014-11-05T12:45:24.8010776-06:00
@tonius: is that not his embrace of sin?
blackkid says2014-11-05T13:18:52.4297514-06:00
No problem. It's an interesting enough tale.
Tonius5 says2014-11-05T14:00:33.2074748-06:00
No. He embraces sin, yes. But people do much of the same on Earth. Tempting others to sin is like trying to drag people down with him.
debate_power says2014-11-05T14:43:51.5222647-06:00
Satan is the embodiment of sin. As such, he is evil
Shield says2014-11-05T15:00:16.9001620-06:00
@debate: that makes the presumption that sin is evil.
debate_power says2014-11-05T15:39:44.8326700-06:00
Summed up nicely.
Tonius5 says2014-11-05T15:46:00.2686754-06:00
Well, Shield. Sin IS evil.
Shield says2014-11-05T15:46:33.5120623-06:00
Name some sins. I want to see if they are evil.
debate_power says2014-11-05T15:47:37.3591750-06:00
Killing, stealing, lying
blackkid says2014-11-05T15:50:50.4902184-06:00
Shaving! Don't forget shaving.
Shield says2014-11-05T15:51:01.2999457-06:00
So is a son evil for killing a man raping his mother? Is a hungry child evil for stealing bread? Is a soldier evil for telling his dying comrade he'll be alright?
blackkid says2014-11-05T15:51:11.4570216-06:00
And polyester, the fabric of sin.
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-05T15:52:12.4697949-06:00
@Shield, no, no, and no.
blackkid says2014-11-05T15:53:54.9169650-06:00
The last one is iffy: I watched a TEDtalk on the matter of being honest about people dying, esp. In emergency situations, and the general consensus is you should actually tell them the truth. Lying to them tends to worsen things.
Shield says2014-11-05T15:53:57.3448172-06:00
The story of Satan is one where we may learn that sin is not so black and white. That the laws laid down by God must at times yield to exceptions.
debate_power says2014-11-05T15:55:22.7698696-06:00
Shield, your arguments all contained the assumption that I believe people are evil if they commit certain sins.
blackkid says2014-11-05T15:56:42.3870855-06:00
Well to at least fix Debate Powers statement "Murder", not "Killing", is the sin.
Shield says2014-11-05T15:57:02.0788330-06:00
I thought you might say that. I'll reword it: Is it evil for a hungry child to steal bread to eat? Is it evil to kill a man raping your mother? Is it evil to sooth a dying man's fear through lies? I'd say all three acts are the opposite of evil.
blackkid says2014-11-05T15:57:04.6528165-06:00
And murder is always evil. There is no point where it is ethical. Ever.
Shield says2014-11-05T15:58:10.1861367-06:00
"Thou shalt not kill."
debate_power says2014-11-05T16:01:36.5170271-06:00
Shield, stealing is stealing, killing is killing, and lying is lying. Yes, all three are evil acts no matter what.
Shield says2014-11-05T16:02:17.5712106-06:00
Why is it evil?
Shield says2014-11-05T16:02:38.0538793-06:00
Please, explain.
blackkid says2014-11-05T16:40:38.5096609-06:00
Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder." It is specifically murder. In KJV it is understood to mean murder but most of the things stated then were completely differently phrased; it is an error of time lapsing not an error of scribes. In the Torah it is the same http://www.jewfaq.org/10.htm
Shield says2014-11-05T17:04:46.2129963-06:00
As a Jew, I can tell you truly that in Jewish tradition, sin is not evil. Sin is stupidity and folly. Not evil.
blackkid says2014-11-05T17:11:23.5098339-06:00
I'm only concerned with the wording. I've no particular value to "sin" per se because murder is unethical, and that makes it evil, whether it is a sin or otherwise by any consideration.

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