What matters more in a debate: facts or feelings?

Posted by: missbailey8

In a debate, would you rather present facts or insure that no one's feelings are hurt?

  • Facts

  • Feelings

90% 18 votes
10% 2 votes
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ThinkBig says2016-07-19T03:37:19.7492671Z
In a written debate (as on DDO), facts are far more important than feelings and pathos. However, when we are talking about spoken debates, then pathos can be far more effective in persuading the judges/audience than facts.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-19T04:55:58.0292155Z
But which is better? I mean, a good and ingenuous judge would appreciate actual fact than to fall for emotional arguments. Though if you feel the need for emotional rhetoric and language to sway the judges, that's fine, but don't make entire arguments or points based off of emotions.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-19T04:59:38.8954313Z
No one in their right mind would choose feelings over facts, SJWs don't count
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-07-19T06:00:09.5223044Z
Definitely facts, though feelings have to be acknowledged, too.
Heterodox says2016-07-22T03:08:33.7358391Z
And the end of the day facts have no meaning other than what we give them and that is based on our feelings.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-22T03:15:21.2260512Z
Actually, the whole purpose of a fact is not be immutable to feelings. You can sit in front of a speeding train and feel like your not going to get hit, but that doesn't change the fact that you are sitting in from of a speeding train. That onjectively means that you are gonna get hit, regardless of the meaning you yourself give to it.
Heterodox says2016-07-22T03:44:43.1793457Z
@Black-Jesus Your scenario makes very little sense to me. As does you saying facts have a purpose. Are you actually trying to tell me that sitting in front of a speeding train means you will be hit by that speeding train? What if the tracks curve? What if I simply move before the train gets to me? What if the train is several miles away and slowing down? This scenario you bring up confuses me because it's missing the point. Let's say I give you a fact that "X people die every year for Y reason". What does that mean? What is our goal?
This_Is_Glitching says2016-10-06T09:01:48.0030184Z
I would have actually found this one to be tough, if not for the description- Hurting someone's feelings in a debate is almost entirely irrelevant. If, however, this question had asked which was a better tactic, then at least for offline debates, appealing to people's actual feelings would likely prove far more helpful than using evidence. The art of persuasion at work. Also, a large part of why Trump can appeal to so many- Clinton has more solid policies on her side, and far more experience, but Trump wipes the floor with her for likability.

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