What model of the solar system is the most accurate?

Posted by: Cat47

19 Total Votes

Heliocentric, round Earth

16 votes

Geocentric, flat Earth

3 votes


0 votes

Geocentric, round Earth

0 votes
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Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T14:19:12.6033950Z
They've convinced you that you're monkeys on a spinning ball and you think you're a genius because of it.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T14:20:11.3685950Z
Iacov says2017-01-17T14:22:18.3578998Z
And you have a stupid username.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T14:25:12.5006998Z
Classic globetard ad hom dodge, please ellaborate how my user name is relevant. Https://yourlogicalfallacyis.Com/ad-hominem
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T14:33:44.4926998Z
I think i speak a little globetard, did you say, " i can't think for myself"
Iacov says2017-01-17T14:34:55.6701950Z
..... Fine I'll engage in a actual discussion your username isn't relevant (I matched your personal attack with my own) now please explain to me how we are not on a heliocentric round earth.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T16:09:30.8565950Z
DogCamSport flies to the edge of space 110,000ft on a balloon ... Https://m.Youtube.Com/watch?V=WwimocU0IIc
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T16:09:58.2969950Z
DogCamSport flies to the edge of space 110,000ft on a balloon ... Https://m.Youtube.Com/watch?V=WwimocU0IIc
Edlvsjd says2017-01-17T23:35:25.2091612Z
Didn't see any votes change... How can anyone watch this and say the earth is still a ball
Taust says2017-02-02T09:08:28.1027458Z
Let's call out ad hominems and then call people globetards. That's not hypocrisy at all.
Taust says2017-02-02T09:16:54.1667458Z
Fun fact: if gravity was actually caused by Earth accelerating upwards at 9.8 m/s^2, it would be going faster than light within a decade. If an object goes faster than light, it goes backwards in time, and is required to have imaginary mass. I guess we just decided to become time traveling tachyons to escape the "end" of the universe in 13.7 billion years.
Taust says2017-02-02T09:22:20.3213908Z
Edlvsjd: No, we're humans on a spinning ball. It's just you who hasn't evolved to gain intelligence yet.

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