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Internet/Television (Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Vice, etc.)

15 votes
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Magazines (The Economist, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, etc.)

2 votes

Newspapers (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.)

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brycef says2015-12-21T18:44:19.3487351Z
For staying informed, not counting issues I specifically look into and research, I generally rely on The Economist and Foreign Policy, though Vice is entertaining. I expected the poll to lean on the "internet/television" category, but I think I made a mistake by calling it that - I should've called that category "video", as including the word "internet" probably skewed things way too strongly toward that category
Wylted says2015-12-21T19:32:50.3722086Z
Whatever ones support my arguments
brycef says2015-12-22T01:50:10.1172075Z
Wylted - I'd really recommend trying The Economist, given that you're libertarian and seem intelligent from what little I've seen of you. It's firmly capitalist, and it's definitely not left wing or progressive, but it's also not conservative at all. Most of the time it seems pretty nonpartisan, except that it does clearly support free trade and the free market.
Haroush says2015-12-24T19:30:03.4832114Z

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