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Mars (Planet)

13 votes

Kepler (Ocean Planet)

4 votes

Titan (Saturn Moon)

2 votes

Encleadus (Saturn Moon)

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JonHouser says2017-01-26T21:44:36.6344556Z
None of the above.
Cogitatio-et-veritatis says2017-01-31T14:25:31.7574880Z
This makes no sense, Kepler planet? Kepler is a space telescope. It isn't a planet. That telescope found almost 1,300 planets. But I'll make an assumption that you are referring the planet Kepler 22b. Which yes is a proper planet that could handle life. Just make your polls more clear.
Taust says2017-02-02T04:27:57.2783458Z
Saturn's moons are far too cold to terraform, and Kepler 22b is too far away. Mars is likely to be the first planet to be terraformed because it is the second-nearest to us and the nearesg is Venus, whicb is much further from being able to support life. (Of course, we could also try to kill two birds with one stone by moving some of Venus's atmosphere to Mars).
Nopa says2017-09-22T03:50:17.3204076Z
Are you kidding me. Thies are the option. Kepler what? This list is so random. Mars OK. Titan I guess. Encleadus. What? I think you mean Enceladus. The sixth largest moon of Saturn. You skipped a bunch of good moons. Kepler-22B that is not even in are solar system. Ok. Lets get to business. Kepler is not specific info so I cant talk about it because alto of planets have names that start with Kepler. Enceladus is (like many moon of gas giants) thought to have a ocean under the ice. But with the lack of an strong atmosphere and gravity and sun light you would want to terraform the possible ocean under but their is not rally to important reasons to terraform that moon. Titan has liquid nitrogen and ice so some of the elements are their. Its far from the sun so you would need to really heat it up. It gravity is weak but it still has an atmosphere already. Oxygen can be generated from the already present water (in the form of ice) and silicon. This will help humans breath in the already present atmosphere. The land would begin to melt if you heat it also not a good choice. So Mars is the best if we do not include Kepler because the rest of the name is not mentioned. Mrs may not have the strongest gravity but its stronger then the other two Saturn moons. It is also closed. It does not have a strong atmosphere but that is easier to solve then cold frozen melting ground. Mars is hater and closer to Earth. Do not mind my bad spelling : ).
Nopa says2017-09-22T03:52:10.2658556Z
Sorry for saying Kepler-22B. That is originally what I thought. I assumed.
Nopa says2017-09-22T03:53:56.3689726Z
I meant Mars not Mrs. Sorry.

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