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junedavis says2017-09-12T04:49:49.3157096Z
Hey Both life and death has different things to offer. There are so many challenges in life, people get tired of it sometimes. Death has always been the end of life , and it has never been portrayed in a positive way, thus everyone is afraid to die. If one looks at it carefully , death is more relieving and life is more challenging. It is an interesting debate . Thanks [url=http://helpwritinganessay.Com/term-paper/]try this resource guilt free[/url]
NutterButter says2018-03-02T19:04:36.1314851Z
There is no pain if you are not living, the human mind can only take so much in life
Chtholly says2019-11-11T14:13:54.7104698Z
In Life, You can suffer more, And can't control your suffering. For many, Many families such as my own. We can't control our suffering, And have no way of changing it. Death, You will get no suffering, And become nothingness

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