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1234abc says2016-12-29T14:24:51.5320498Z
Earth is pear-shaped.
ZachZimmey says2016-12-31T20:41:40.9845398Z
Pear shaped= spheroid. A spheroid is not a perfect sphere, neither is something pear-shaped
1234abc says2016-12-31T20:46:28.9311856Z
Pear shaped does not equal spheroid. Spheroid is to an ellipse as a sphere is to a circle.
ZachZimmey says2016-12-31T23:17:19.0321700Z
Pear= egg shape, ellipse=oval. Both are almost entirely identical. You are playing with insignificant imperfections. Https://www.Google.Com/imgres?Imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Mathematische-basteleien.De%2Fei06.Gif&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Mathematische-basteleien.De%2Feggcurves.Htm&docid=86ONGjQtTrwFKM&tbnid=SvjcoWooS422_M%3A&vet=1&w=567&h=174&bih=675&biw=1366&q=oval%20vs%20egg&ved=0ahUKEwikuOrIx5_RAhWBMyYKHVqdBX4QMwgaKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8
1234abc says2016-12-31T23:27:08.2017754Z
Haha you've clearly never seen a pear then. They're not egg-shaped. They're sort of like two spheroids of different radii connected.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T00:06:23.9878478Z
And the earth looks like this how? The earth does not look like your everyday pear. I found an exaggerated image for your viewing pleasure. Https://www.Google.Com/url?Sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjrwMKF05_RAhXMRCYKHUsuAXIQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fvicturuslibertas.Com%2F2016%2F09%2Fis-there-enough-evidence-to-support-round-earth%2F&psig=AFQjCNFRMX7IQiqVBqnGZy4dsVMr0nMIJA&ust=1483315515725296 "NASA and modern astronomy claim that Earth is a sphere, but not a perfect sphere, an 'oblate spheroid,' and not only oblate, but even bigger in the southern hemisphere like a pear." Notice how even NASA calls Earth a "Spheroid"? I'm pretty sure you aren't a rocket scientist; these guys are.
1234abc says2017-01-01T01:39:17.5766044Z
Hahah moron. They're saying "one could say it's a sphere but it's more precisely an oblate spheroid. And one could say it's an oblate spheroid but it's more precisely pear-shaped." verdict: earth is pear-shaped.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T03:13:45.8330922Z
Socrates (I'm assuming a person with such high intellect as you would know who he is) once made a very, shall we say, bold, and truthful, statement. He said "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser". Name calling, as you did, indicates that you no longer have any valid points of your own so you need to compensate with ridicule. Lets try to keep things civil, shall we? With that now behind us, I will try to explain the flaws in your logic. NASA has labelled the Earth as an "Oblate Spheroid". "Universe Today" explains it like this- "The actual shape of the Earth is actually an oblate spheroid – a sphere with a bulge around the equator. The Earth is bulged at its equator because it's rapidly rotating on its axis. The centripetal force of the rotation causes the regions at the equator to bulge outward." Thus, the broadest term describing the Earth would make it a "spheroid", a broad category of geometric shapes. Therefore, you could delve deeper into geometry, and label this "oblate spheroid" as a "pear", which falls under this category. This proves my point. The Earth is a "pear" is an "oblate spheroid". Understand now?
1234abc says2017-01-01T04:38:40.8086922Z
Yeah well some people are happy to stick with a very general understanding of things and some would rather define things more precisely. If you think the more general the category in which it falls, the better, then why not say the earth is ameboid? It certainly is, and that certainly is a more general category than spheroid.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T17:38:34.9035405Z
Not sure I even know what an "ameboid" is, looks like "amoeboid" to me. I just explained to you why the best option is spheroid. What is so hard to comprehend about that? A pear shape would fall under the category of "Spheroid", an option for this poll. The "Other" category is for more random shapes such as cubes, cones, etc. The best answer, even if the Earth is classified as pear-shaped, would forever be "Spheroid".
1234abc says2017-01-01T18:12:35.0762590Z
Hahaha god you're dumb. Yeah, you did explain why you thought spheroid was the best choice. You said it's the most general category into which it falls. I then explained that an even more general category into which the earth falls is ameboid. I also pointed out that rather than categorizing things based on the most GENERAL category into which it falls, it's more useful to categorize things into the most SPECIFIC category into which it falls, which, here, would be pear-shaped. How many more times should i explain that?
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T18:22:51.4946590Z
Yes and as a "pear shape", it would be classified as a "spheroid". I sourced facts, you used ridicule a number of times. That isn't very mature, nor is it good form. Please, I've asked you before, refrain from insulting me. And what is an "ameboid"? As far as I know, that isn't even a thing. Looks like you misspelled "amoeba".
1234abc says2017-01-01T18:27:58.9550590Z
Pear-shaped is a shape. It's like you're saying "a piece of paper isn't a rectangle. It's a quadrilateral!" haha
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T18:43:24.5342590Z
Yes, a pear is a shape- its a "spheroidal" shape! Comparing this to your example is comparing oranges to cows, it doesn't work. And I asked you a question- what is an "ameboid"?
1234abc says2017-01-02T08:06:33.1302337Z
Hahaha wow. You're honestly that dumb? Why don't you go ahead and summarize my point. I bet you can't.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-02T20:35:27.6638846Z
Dude, quit using insults to back up your insufficient arguments. It's quite honestly pathetic. And it doesn't matter whether or not I can summarize YOUR points, it's whether or not I laid down enough information to back up mine, which I did. The results of this discussion don't depend on my ability to repeat your statements. And while you are at it, define "ameboid" for me. I'm beginning to think you made that word up just to make your argument look better.
1234abc says2017-01-02T22:21:07.3946846Z
Hahaha that's what i thought moron ;) what's wrong? No idea what i'm saying? Can't say im surprised.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-02T22:57:13.2227155Z
Immaturity at it's finest. I explained to you that the refusal of me to regurgitate your argument does not spell failure on my part. "No idea what i'm saying?"- I can say the same to you. Seems you don't read any of my comments, otherwise you would have understood why I didn't repeat your ideas, and you would have stopped the name calling. You are honestly repeating words I last heard in middle school lunch. What a great role model.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-02T22:58:03.5951155Z
What's an "ameboid"???!!!
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-12T03:49:08.0588887Z
@1234abc & ZachZimmey: I think both of you are misguided. It is probably more likely that the earth is flat than pear-shaped or spherical.
Taust says2017-02-02T09:44:33.2009908Z
Why is there such a big debate over whether a pear shape is a spheroid? 1234abc said Earth is pear-shaped, implying that he thought there should be an option for this shape, and ZachZimmey replied that there is an option because a pear shape is a spheroid. Then 1234abc misunderstood the comment and got into an argument about it, but rather than having a civilized, logical debate, he decided to randomly interject with comments like "haha, you're stupid," showing that he is both immature and not clever enough to come up with a good insult. The reason Zach "couldn't understand" your arguments is because your arguments were not logical, so, in fact, you are the moron here, 1234abc. I'm not sure if you're a troll or just completely immature and have no idea how to make a logical argument, but either way, Debate.Org is a place for rational discussion and your comments don't belong here. And BTW an amoeboid is a type of organism related to the amoeba, so I'm assuming by amoeboid you mean shaped like an amoeba. Notice how I'm actually answering Zach's question rather than calling him a moron for not knowing a very obscure fact.

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