What should be done about children on adult titles of the video gaming world?

Posted by: ECLP

We all love it. We all know it. Video games are awesome but a lot of the good games have a lot of children on them and that just makes the games not as fun.

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Start a game police and beat the children at the games till they stay away. (or get better)

Think about it. What kid wants to lose at a game as much as possible before simply playing something else they are more qualified for at their age?
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Perma mute children.

Stupidity is common in games. We can't get rid of that. At least we can make it so we dont have to hear it. Now speaking of the children of course if we didn't have to listen to them they would be 80% more tolerable.
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tajshar2k says2015-05-18T15:08:04.5679177-05:00
Honestly, I wouldnt want to wait till I'm 18 to play Call of Duty. When I'm 18, I would be doing more productive things like studying and finding a job. 18 years is not the age you should be spending hours playing.

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