What Should the US do about Crimea

Posted by: Tyranus

Russia has occupied Crimea for several months now. What is the best stance for the US to maintain in the situation?

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It is not our job to police the world. If Crimea wants to be Russian, let them

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Raise sanctions on Russia to the point where it cripples their economy. No troops

7 votes

We must prevent Russia from its aggression in Ukraine by sending troops in to help the Ukrainians battle insurgency

2 votes

Russia is breaking international law and is in direct violation of its agreements with NATO. We need to militarily invade Russia to stop any further aggression.

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Seido says2014-06-03T22:30:15.1230848-05:00
Um... Where's the moderate response? There's certainly a course of action that involves raising sanctions beyond what they currently are without actually crippling their economy. There's also alternative options, such as removing them from councils like we did from the G8. As for my point of view, we should likely raise sanctions a bit, remove them from a few different councils, and try to argue this out in the UN. We should attempt to convince Russia to back out of Crimea. The people of Crimea should be allowed to vote as to whether they want to join Russia without Russian troops guarding the voting booths. If they choose to join Russia, then they should work with the rest of Ukraine to transition into joining Russia. Now then, if Russia tries to take any more of Ukraine, or any other country for that matter, it might be in our best interests to intervene with huge economic sanctions and with military action. That is, however, not the situation currently at hand.
dmussi12 says2014-06-03T22:37:47.2382170-05:00
The only military action (as a maximum) is placing mid-range missiles near Russia and possibly firing at the troops on the border if they refuse to leave. No troops.
debatefox says2014-06-03T22:47:32.2226170-05:00
I dont think we should do anything about it. This might sound selfish but it would not benefit us by starting a war that is not needed. It would put us more in debt and use more resources and time we could be using on somthing else
dmussi12 says2014-06-03T23:56:54.9814357-05:00
I would agree, but we did sign a treaty with Russia a while back prohibiting any antagonistic action in Ukraine. If we don't defend it, then it sets a precedent that our treaties mean nothing.
ischreib45 says2014-06-04T07:12:46.1965183-05:00
Except for the fact that the vote wasn't exactly legitimate and Ukraine is up against a military much bigger than their own.

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